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How does global warming affect your life?


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October 15, 2012 8:45AM

It affect us by melting the glaciers and if all the glaciers melt it will flood parts of the world causing many people to die.

Global warming - a process in which the globe gets warmer due to the fact that co2 is trapped in the earths atmosphere.

Due to the fact that not all animal habitats are warm climates they may become extinct, such as; polar bears - their natural habitat is cold so they cannot survive in the warmth, penguins - they survive in cold wet habitats such as the north pole.

This also effects plants in many ways and causes them and animals to die rapidly.

So the effect of global warming effects us, plants and animals, causing them and us to possibly become extinct in due time.

Increased temperature, rise in sea level from glaciers melting, and more ultraviolet radiation which causes skin cancer from the depleting ozone.

The world will experience over heating or under heating in places of the world causing more floods and species dying!!!

Global Warming has a lot of affect to earth because the polar bears are moving farther south to get food.And,Hurricanes are powered by heat.Therefor,hurricanes will increase in power.Category 6 storms might become a Daily thing.The polar ice caps will melt,meaning less land and more salt water.And all it takes is 6 degrees Celsius And then all that will happen!

it effects our planet because it gets so much hotter and the sea level rises and animals are going extinct.

Our atmosphere is damaged and its harder to breath... the ice melts off of the antarctic... and Greenland... causing the sea level to raise 40 ft and putting allot of areas with millions of people living in them under water... and green lands ice may freeze he huge current thing which is important for allot of things and it gets ultra hot and people start going to Alaska in the winter in the hope that it will be below 110 degrees F. Bad... Bad... Bad. 1- Heat stress during crop pollination.

2- Speed of crop through life cycle allowing less time for grain production.

3- Atmosphere demand for H2O

4- H2o stress on crops.

The positive effects are:

1 - CO2 = Photosynthesis = Crop Yields = Lengthier growing seasons in the cold regions.

2 - Precipitation in some H20 stressed areas.

Global warming is a term used to describe a gradual increase in the earth's average ground and atmospheric temperatures in the whole world.

It causes us to have a higher chance of having skin cancer. Global warming makes the world become hotter and thus the ice in the north and south pole will start to melt. As ice melts into water,the sea level will increase, causing over flooding in some parts of the world.

There are many doom and gloom prognosticators who claim that global warming will vanquish life on this planet and humanity will perish. This assumption, first of all, is based on the belief that the climate that has been experienced for the past 200 years is the ideal climate for human survival. Secondly, a slight change in global temperatures over a long period of time are the reality of Earth's climate. Climate change is a reality of the planet Earth whether there are humans engaging in activity or not. The world will always be dangerous and life will always remain fragile and tenuous and it is up to each of us as individuals to do what we can to improvise, adapt and overcome, regardless of what happens. This is the best method of surviving, improvise, adapt and overcome.

As global warming goes on the ice caps are melting, seals are going extinct, and pollution is rising. the world cannot fix itself. Our world is a disaster, we share it, we live on it ,we should give it respect. Stop global warming before it's too late!

All of this Global Warming Stuff Is wrong! I mean the earth has been warming up this way for centuries and just because a few scientists who don't know anything say that Global Warming is going to destroy the planet everyone goes crazy!!! The earth will be here for a very long time even if there is such a thing as Global Warming.

A different view: I remember saying a few years ago that if you can detect climate change in your life time then something is seriously wrong: It appears undoubtedly true that climate change is detectable and so I think there may be something seriously wrong, but as I am no scientist I have nothing to back up my view it will mean more girls will go out in the sun in bikinis.