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When an animal lives in a certain place, it must take in its surroundings. The environment around any animal will manipulate how the animal hunts, its colour etc, so its behaviour. For example, for the lion to survive, it must mate with as many females as it can and drive away the other males so that the bloodline of lions would continue. It has also learned to stalk animals and has changed its colour to a sandy yellow to move stealthily through dry grass.


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you can affect animal habitat by littering, not caring for the animals habitat or/and the animal itself...

You will find the habitat of an animal by knowing what animal it is. Find out the animal you want the details of its habitat is and then ask, its easier then.

the habitat is where the animal lives and the niche is the function that the animal has in its habitat

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the habitat of an animmal is were the animal lives,grows,an feasts(or eats)

There is typically only one animal in a Panda habitat in a zoo. This animal in the habitat is the panda.

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Geographic location, habitat preference, diet, conservation status, migratory behavior, songs, plumage, size, shape!

Habitat loss can be described when an animal loses their home. Every animal in the animal kingdom has a niche, a role in their animal community, and without their habitat they no longer have a niche. Habitat loss can be very disruptive to the biosphere.

Habitat is were an animal lives and gets shelter from & a habitat loss is when an animal loses there habitat because of humans or reproduction

An example of animal behavior would be barking, growling, hissing, squaking. Animal behavior means something animals do.

When an animal is reinforced for displaying a certain behavior, the animal is likely to repeat that behavior.

A habitat is where an animal lives.

Instinct- a behavior that the animal already knows Learned Behavior-something that the animal has to learn:)

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Animal Behavior Society was created in 1964.

Food is part of it's habitat. The niche is the job the animal does in it's habitat to contribute to the habitat.

A habitat is where an animal lives. A bullfrog's habitat is in a lake, pond, or river.

Nikolaas Tinbergen has written: 'Social behavior in animals, with special reference to vertebrates' -- subject(s): Animal behavior 'Bird life' -- subject(s): Bird watching, Birds, Behavior 'Animal behavior' -- subject(s): Animal behavior, Behavior, Animal 'Curious naturalists' -- subject(s): Behavior, Birds, Insects 'The animal in its world' -- subject(s): Animal behavior 'La Vie sociale des animaux'

The scientific study of animal behavior is called ethology.

One can learn more about animal behavior in several ways. One can talk to a zoologist or an animal biologist at their local university/college. One can also research it through reading books written on the subject of animal behavior or by browsing websites that are written by animal behavior specialists (such as the Animal Behavior Journal)

Another animal that lives in the same habitat as flamingos is: alligators.

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