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It is a roughage which does not break down as quickly or as easily as other feedstuffs do like alfalfa, grain, or green grass does. This way the digestion process is prolonged and prevents the animal from bloating because the feed isn't too rich. Hay will not help a cow's digestive system, however, if it is too poor-quality and coarse. A cow can easily die of a full stomach if hay is poor quality because it lacks any sufficient nutrients for a cow to live on. It'll just sit there and not do anything for her.

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Q: How does hay help cows digestive system?
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Do rabbits need Timothy hay?

YES! Hay pushes out waste in their digestive system. Of course they need it.

Does your rabbit need timothy hay?

Of course! Hay pushes out waste from the rabbit's digestive system. Hay should be available to your rabbit always.

Why do cows need hay?

Because they'd have nothing else to eat. Cows have to eat all the time, no matter what season they're in. Hay is better for their digestive systems than grain is, since hay is simply dried legumes and grass that has been cut and harvested by man. Hay is only fed when cows cannot graze on pasture, especially in the winter and early spring when the grass is too short to be eaten.

Why do pigs need hay?

It is good for their digestive system and it keeps them warm at night when its cold.

Can you feed your rabbit hay?

Yes. Hay is very good for your rabbit's digestive system. Hay is available from pet shops and some supermarkets. Always get dust free hay. Hope I Helped :)

Why feed horses hay and not straw?

Because straw is harder than hay and straw will get stuck in the digestive system because it is too thik.

What is slough hay?

its a type of hay that is good for cows and bulls

Why is urea added to hay to feed cows?

Increase in protein content in the hay. The hay may lack a certain amount of protein, so measures have to be taken to increase protein in the hay (and thus in the cows' diet) to meet the cows' nutritional demands.

Is it a bad thing for guinea pigs to eat a lot of hay?

No, not at all hay helps a guinea pigs digestive system, my two are constantly eating hay :) hope this helped x

How do you use hay in a sentence?

Hay is dried grass. Here are some sentences.We fed the cows on hay during the winter.Go help your uncle cut the hay and bale it.Mr. Johnson always grows one field of grass just to make hay.I'm allergic to hay.

Why do rabbits eat hay?

Rabbits eat hay because hay is dried grass and grass is one of their favorite foods They need hay for their digestive system, if hay is not available, feed timothy hay or alfalfa hay from the local stores, wal-mart and pet centers have a great deal of hays for animals.

Why do cows eat hay?

Because they like it.

What do people feed as food to cows?


What does horses and cows eat?

Grass and hay.

How do cows eat pork?

Cows do not eat pork. Cows do not eat any meat. They eat grass and hay.

Can cows eat pie?

No. Cows eat grass, hay, grains or special feeds.

Do cows eat everything?

No. Cows are herbivores, meaning that they are strictly plant-eating animals, not omnivores nor carnivores. Cows eat grass, hay and silage and should eat just grass, hay and silage.

Can cows eat hay?

Yes. Hay is THE main staple of any cow's diet when not on pasture.

Do cows eat popcorn?

No, cows tend to eat grass, hay or special cow food

Why are cows both a producer and consumer?

Cows produce milk and they consume grass (or hay) and grains.

Will cows eat hay specific for alpacas?


Is hay a good feed for Dairy Cows?


What nutrients do horses need in hay?

Hay is roughage, low calorie, dried and cut grass. There really isn't many nutrients in it. Hay helps the horse's digestive system keep moving. It's the most important part of their diet.

Why is cow horse and goat manure different when they eat the same hay?

Although both of them were ruminants and they eat the same hay, they have different digestive system that makes their manure different from each other.

Can you feed cows third crop alfalfa hay?

yes you can feed cows third cut hay. it's the same as first cut and third cut, just later.