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These work by picking up electrical signals that are released when the heart muscle cells contract.

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Why does heart rate increase with stress?

Heart rate increases with stress because you tire your-self meaning your heart has to work harder increasing its rate.

How do you work out heart rate?

You check your pulse.

Can your heart work without a pulse rate?

No, it can not.

How do you work out a person's heart rate?

you work out a persons house rate by putting your hand on your neck / wrist for 15 secconds times in by 4 and that is you maxium heart rate - alex is a poooooo

Does your heart rate change your energy levels?

Yes, your heart rate will change your energy levels in many different ways. If you are working out you will have a higher heart rate and this will cause you to be tired after you work out.

How does heart rate work?

heart rate is the amount of beats your heart can make in a certain amount of time.heart rate is important because if your heart beats to slow when you excercise or to fast when you are doing nothing you could die.

Graphs showing effect of exercise on heart rate?

the rate increase as you do more work

What is the maximum heart rate for 56 year old woman?

You can work out someone's maximum heart rate (M.H.R) by deducting their age from 220.

What effect does heat have on heart rate?

Heart rate can be affected by many things, but heat has some impact on the increase of heart rate too. Heat causes you to sweat and because you are hot, the heart has to work at a faster rate to keep up with the sudden changes that the body is experiencing.

Why does your heart rate increase when you lie?

your heart rate increases when you lie down because you lungs have to push up when you take a breath therefore making your body work more and heart rate go up.

How can you improve your cardiovascular fitness?

you can work on your cardio by finding your target heart rate. 220-age=target heart rate and try and stay at your target heart rate for 20 to 30 minutes each day

How do target heart rate charts vary with age?

Naturally, people age. The amount of work you need to do to maintain a healthy work rate for the heart goes down as you age. The recommended heart rate maximum for exercise charts mean that most people won't work their heart too hard while exercising. The formula used corrects a flat rate with age, usually taking your age-related maximum heart rate and taking away your age to obtain a maximum heart rate you should target for fitness and health. Charts are helpful because the math is done for you.

What happens to your resting heart rate with regular exercise?

With exercise your resting heart rate should be reduced as your heart is more effecient at pumping blood and does not need to work as hard.

How is target heart rate related to the intensity of a work out?

it is related because target rate talks about how much is your heart beat when working out in a intensity level.

Does the display on this bike show your heart rate?

Sure does! It displays time, work level, distance, watt, speed, calories, heart rate, and mets

What happens to your heart rate and breathing rate throughout the day?

it varies according to the kind of work you are doing.

How do you raise your heart rate?

To raise your heart rate, you need to be doing something that will cause your heart to work harder to deliver oxygen. Examples of this would be walking, jumping, and lifting. As long as your muscles need more oxygen, your heart will have to pump harder and your heart rate will therefore increase.

Why does the heart rate vary?

it varies because it depends on how hard you work out.!

What heart rate should a thirty year old have after a work out?


What happens to your resting heart rate after months of exercising?

It decreases because your heart no longer has to work as hard.

Do they make watches with heart monitors for when I work out?

Yes, Timex makes a watch with a heart rate function.

What portion of the brain controls heart rate?

The heart rate is usually controlled by the muscles and the lungs and how fast it drains in energy and oxygen, so the brain only makes the choice to make the heart rate up by the cerebral hemispheres. The cerebellum regions controls motor movement to raise the blood pressure and heart rate and they have to work normally together to control the heart rate.

Does stress affect a horses heart rate?

It depends on what kind of stress you mean. If the stress is you work it for a long time, then yes the horses heart rate will increase

What are some exercises that are considered anaerobic?

sprinting anything which makes you work over 80% of your maximum heart rate (maximum heart rate=220-age)

How does breathing affect your heart rate?

The faster you breathe the faster your heart rate gets (more oxygen to pump around) The slower you breathe the slower your heart rate gets. Although correct, this answer does not explain why your heart rate increases. If you are breathing quickly, you are not getting as much oxygen in as if you were breathing normally. Therefore, your heart rate increases because your heart is trying desperately to pump the required oxygen throughout the body that isn't available. For example, if a restaurant is understaffed, the remaining workers will work twice as hard. With not enough oxygen, your heart needs to work harder to deliver the available oxygen. The deeper breaths you take, the slower your heart rate will be, due to the excess of oxygen; your heart won't need to work as hard with lots of oxygen available.

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