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eggs don't bounce so, no

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Q: How does height affect bounce of a egg?
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How does the drop height of the ball affect the height of its bounce?


Why does grass affect the bounce height of a ball?

the higher the grass the higher the bounce.

Will different heights affect the bounce of the ball?

The height you drop the ball from will affect the bounce height this is because as the drop height increases so does the bounce height it is all to do with energy transfers. Also the waste energy is the sound and heat energy hope this helps.

How does the height of a ball affect the height of its bounce?

the potential energy gets changed into kinetic energy so when it hits the ground it will bounce back up.

How does the drop- height of a ball affect the height of its bounce?

The amount of energy given to the ball by gravity is directly proportional to its height of dropping. Typically, a ball will bounce to a certain percentage of its drop-height. So (within limits) higher drop-height means higher bounce.

Does drop-height affect how many times a bouncy ball will bounce?


How does the height of a ball dropped affect the number of bounces it will make?

its weight aslo effects the bounce its weight aslo effects the bounce

How does the size affect the height of a balls bounce?

because a small ball has more density

Do height and weight affect how high a ball bounce fall off the ground?


How many weeks does it take for a egg can bounce?

an egg cant bounce

What happens to the egg in lemon juice?

The shell of the egg will dissolve and the egg can bounce on a small height. This is because the lemon juice, which is an acid reacts with the calcium carbonate and dissolves it.

What effects the height a ball will bounce?

a ball can never bounce over the height from which it was bounced unless u aplly a force. The factors that affect the bounce of a dropped ball include the height from which it is dropped; the force applied to it, if any, when dropped; the acceleration of gravity, which is different depending upon what planet you're one; the elasticity of the ball; the density of the atmosphere, which affects "air resistance"; and the rigidity and elasticity of the surface on which the ball bounces. weight also affect the bounce height.

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