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Q: How does helium affect the environment?
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Does light have any affect on helium?


How do fault's affect the environment?

How do faults affect the environment

How does soil affect the environment?

how dose soil affect the environment

How do helium balloons break down in the environment?

they dont

How does the gorilla affect the environment?

It doesn't affect the environment because it is also a part of the environment

Why are you running out of helium?

I'm personally not running out of helium. In fact helium is harmful to the human body in large doses. So no helium would not affect me.

How does the environment affect plants and how does plant affect it's environment?

the environment affect plant by cutting tree and by so many things and the plant affect environment by breath the oxgyen on the night

How does farting affect the environment?

yes it does affect the environment as it contains methane

How do texties affect the environment?

they affect the environment by cutting down trees

How does meteorology affect the environment?

Meteorology does not affect the environment in any way

Does hair dye affect the environment?

hair affect the environment because .........

How does helium affect oxygen tanks for scuba divers?

it doesn't affect the tank

Is helium dangerous to humans or the environment?

NO, it is found in abundance in the air.

How did it affect the environment?

It is very important to consider how things affect the environment. Pollution by fumes, noise, and excess garbage all affect the environment.

How does environment affect hibernating animals?

the environment can affect the feature of a living organism

Do hydroelectric dams affect the environment?

believe it or not hydroelectric dams do affect the environment.

How the waste products affect the environment?

plastic material , pollutions these this affect the environment

How environment affect environment?

that is crazy not possible. that is my answer :)

How does temperature affect helium?

temperature affects helium for example, if you put a balloon in a hot car it will pop

How does homework affect the environment?

Doesn't affect it.

Who does a crustacean affect its environment?

it doesen't affect it :)

What is the progress for making cloth that affect your environment?

What is the progress for making cloth that affect your environment?"

Does the radio affect the environment?

Yes, If you will hear radio in loud voice it can affect the environment.

How does science and technology affect environment?

1. Science affect our environment through pollution

How does the environment affect people and how does people affect the environment?

people die or axtyliunly amacdo.