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Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

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It makes the ecosystem able to survive disturbances.

it makes an ecosystem more stable

Factors that affect biodiversity in an ecosystem inculde area,climate,diversity of niches,and keystone species.

Humans need biodiversity ,as biodiversity is related to the ecosystem if there is a shift in biodiversity then there will also be a shift in the ecosystem which will in turn affect human life

The factors that affect biodiversity of an ecosystem are moisture content, organic matter, Simpson's index of diversity and the pH of the soil.

A high biodiversity is when the ecosystem is very good at that spacific place.

3 things that can affect a biodiversity is building roads, hunting, and deforestation.

Three factors that affect the biodiversity in an ecosystem include area, diversity of niches, and climate. Keystone species also have a large effect.

It would make the ecosystem less stable

If you loose biodiversity then the types/numbers of organisms that can live in an ecosystem is restricted.

An ecosystem with a high biodiversity would be have an abundance of greenery and it would not be any human disturbances present ex: a tropical rain forest

Biodiversity is variety of lifeforms in a specific geographic are in fixed time period . If lifeforms share same ecosystem so in one ecosystem there is a biodiversity. In this way Biodiversity is related with ecosystem

The higher the biodiversity, the higher the number of species, and the lower the rate of extinction. A decrease in biodiversity means a single species will become extinct and this will have a negative impact on other organisms for all organisms in an ecosystem are connected.

good! high biodiversity means there are many different species which all can interact and make a good ecosystem.

Pollution caused by humans destroys the ecosystem in many ways, that includes killing animals.

The term is biodiversity. High biodiversity means a large number of different species in an ecosystem. An ecosystem with many different species is less likely to be disrupted by environmental changes.

The Tundra has the lowest biodiversity.

Due to biodiversity, a more diverse ecosystem will have high species richness, unlike a small non-biodiverse ecosystem.

Tropical rainforests contain a lot of different producers and consumers and the rainforest ecosystem is very complex.

Ecosystem, genetic and cultural diversity, and the connections between these and all species.

Biodiversity contributes to the sustainability of an ecosystem because different species in a given ecosystem depend on each other.

Changes in Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous cycles can affect the health and variety of organisms that live in an ecosystem

Pollution results in decreased biodiversity in an ecosystem.

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