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How does hurricanes affect the community?


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hurricanes affects our community by damging crops, damaging buildings including people's home, coastal area's

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The way that hurricanes impact a community, is by the the speed and the strong winds

Hurricanes affect people economically because they destroy property

it will affect many wild life and people. hurricanes are strong enough to kill many

hurricanes affect all states, so none. all states have hurricanes.

the atmosphere affects hurricanes because it is awesome...

hurricanes can cause gas prices to sky rocket

It can affect anything like humans, houses, etc.

it affect people with hurricanes and earthquakes

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No. It's the other way around. Climate change can affect hurricanes.

We now know how hurricanes originate and how they affect ecology. Or The origination of hurricanes is now known, as well as, how they affect ecology. The second sentence is pretty and more understandable than the top. It conveys the meaning more clearly.

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No, hurricanes do not affect submarines operating below the surface. Sea conditions do not affect submarine operations because, in general, they run deep enough to avoid the swell on and near the surface.

Take pictures of the hurricane. Satellites are outside the atmosphere. Hurricanes only affect things in the atmosphere.

there are alot of storms and hurricanes

No. It is too cold for Finland to get hurricanes. Hurricane remnants can affect the country, but they will have lost hurricane status.

Yes. Hurricanes are driven by convection in which warm air rises. Convection cannot occur without gravity.

Hurricanes do not affect every country of South America. If there is a hurricane, it will affect the countries that are located by the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela, Columbia, and Curacao are the countries that have been the most affected

From the Carolinas to Texas, mostly.They can affect more northerly coasts, but it is rare.

i dont know why you asking me huh?

It doesn't affect the community.

Hurricanes may move debris and water droplets causing there to be a minor change in the earths surface.

all hurricanes that affect the eastern u.s. and the gulf of Mexico originate off the coast of Africa

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