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How does ice melt with the sun and aluminum?


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The ice melts because of the sun reflecton off of the aluminum.


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the sun will melt the ice faster cause it is warm.

ice cream melts in the sun because when the heat of the sun get to the ice cream its starts to melt like ice.

The sun will melt the ice faster cause it is warm.

ice actually melts pretty fast on aluminum, it will probably take 15 minutes

Ice melt lot faster on aluminum foil because it conduct more energy than plastic wrap:)

ice will melt faster wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic wrap when you put it outside

leave it outside make sure the sun is outand the sun melt the ice by leaving it outside

when I did an experiment on how long ice cream takes to melt was about 20mins in the sun for it to melt completely

Ice will melt faster because when it get to the sun it would already be melting

lots of foods can melt in the sun especially chocolate and cheese and butter.

If you put both near a fire the aluminum cup with ice would melt faster because more light energy and thermal energy would reach it when a fome cup would just sit there and absorb the heat and give little bits of heat of at different times. If you put it in the sun the aluminum cup would still burn better because it gets more sun light and lets in more heat.

The ice cubes get more radiation energy when in the sun.

If you put the ice cream out in the sun, it will melt down.

The ice melts faster on aluminum then on the plastic block because aluminum can conduct energy better than plastic.

No, not unless the sun has warmed the dirt on the ice.

Ice left out in the sun will always melt, while ice left out a mile from a light bulb might not melt in the Arctic, for example. To achieve the same heating effect as the sun, the electric bulb must be within about 1 ft of the ice.

It gets warm, so the temperature rises to above 0oC, which is when ice starts to melt.

Aluminum foil because the foil is like metal. Metal contracts heat

it will melt about in an hour or either in 1 or 2 minutes

fire can melt ice plainly just leaving ice out on the counter top will melt it holding ice in the palm of your hand will melt it putting ice in a microwave/oven/mini oven putting ice outside in a hot day/warm sun(if its not cold out) putting ice in a hot liquid

Technically, the sun. Light is just a result of rays cast from the electromagnetic spectrum of hydrogen. The sun, does not give off light. Rather, it gives off heat. Heat from the sun causes ice to melt.

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