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How does ilex 15 interact with HIV medications?

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Ilex 15 contains licorice (liquorice). Adverse reactions to licorice (liquorice) reported amongst HIV-positive people include: low potassium levels, muscle weakness and soreness, high blood pressure and fluid retention.

Additionally, as with many common health foods / nutritional supplements / natural remedies (such as grapefruit juice, aloe vera, borage oil, DHEA, ginko, St John's wort, milk thistle and valerian), there is a theoretical risk of an adverse interaction between anti-HIV drugs and licorice (liquorice).

If you are HIV-positive and thinking about taking Ilex 15 (or any other supplement) it is very important that you first speak to your doctor / pharmacist.

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Yes. Some never have symptoms and their HIV never develops into AIDS.

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AIDS is what you get when you have the HIV virus, its the next stage of the virus and that will kill you so once you get AIDS that's it, there is no cure and no treatment for AIDS. There is treatment for HIV and Magic Johnson is the first person that i have ever heard of that announced that he had the HIV virus 15 years ago and never got AIDS but he took these drugs and it stopped him from getting AIDS but he will always have the HIV virus.

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What is the accuracy percentage of an HIV test?

HIV tests are highly accurate, especially if taken more than once. With one testing, there are generally 15 false positives out of 1000. With a second test, the chance of a false positive is 1 in 250,000.

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What country has the highest percentage of AIDS?

Africa is the most affected continent. South Africa is the country in Africa with the largest number of HIV-positive people. Other southern African countries have higher percentages of their population that are HIV positive. Based on 2007 figures from UNAIDS, Swaziland has the highest prevalence, where 26% of adults (age 15-49) are HIV-positive.

Can you have an accurate HIV test 10 days after a possible exposure?

Yes you can. I went for an hiv rapid finger stick test which came out negative =) But they take blood/urine samples to test for chlamydia gonnorhea and syphilis as well as hiv and you can get your results within 10 days. Say you had sex today. (May 5. 2009) unprotected with a possibly hiv infected partner you get tested on may 15, 2009. The test can confirm if you are indeed infected with hiv or not. The test looks for the actual virus 10 days and prior. So wait 10 days then go get tested and you will get your results within 7 buisness days. The rapid hiv test only confirms if you are hiv + or - 3 months and prior I hope this helps and good luck.

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