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How does ilex 15 interact with HIV medications?

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2015-07-15 18:52:54

Ilex 15 contains licorice (liquorice). Adverse reactions to

licorice (liquorice) reported amongst HIV-positive people include:

low potassium levels, muscle weakness and soreness, high blood

pressure and fluid retention.

Additionally, as with many common health foods / nutritional

supplements / natural remedies (such as grapefruit juice, aloe

vera, borage oil, DHEA, ginko, St John's wort, milk thistle and

valerian), there is a theoretical risk of an adverse interaction

between anti-HIV drugs and licorice (liquorice).

If you are HIV-positive and thinking about taking Ilex 15 (or

any other supplement) it is very important that you first speak to

your doctor / pharmacist.

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