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How does immigration affect society in the us?

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before you get this conclusion, you should know what made the USA, the history of American Immigration.

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Nothing really you will have alot of people that talk different languages immigration doesnt affect the language spoken in the US.

Immigration affects us in diverse ways, as people migrate they take along their culture, religion, and tradition. Immigrants also bring along crimes which affects the society negatively.

The Quota acts prevented immigration..haha

immigrants are hurting the economy

The quotas reduced the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S.

No, foreclosure doesn't affect immigration status. Now, if you commit crimes, then you may jeopardize your potential to become a citizen.

Because they might affect the environment.

why does immigration and emigration affect equilibrium

BY JOBS , unemployment thats easy omg

It created a demand for workers, which was met by immigrants.

Immigration of the mid-1800s had the affect of greatly increasing the size of cities in the US. Many of the immigrants moved into cities to be near work and to be near family.

Immigration increases the supply of labor

The society has become diverse and different.

To this day there has always been immigration to the US

The adoption of a quota system to limit immigration to the US.

It did because lo0ts of peepz were angry

Why did nativity sets seek to limit immigration in to the us

It has a affect on you because if the government the chases the immigrants out of one state; they might come into yours.

Killing animals affects society because we animals. Animals do more for the trees around us than us humans do.

Yes it does! Immigration effects alot! Everytime a poor being enters a Society, the Society also gets a little bit of poor too. Then there is certain sicknesses and diseases that may be carried from the immigrant and from its country. But then there is also a good trade-off; new customs are also born into the society. This is the worst thow, illegal immigration. Say the one illegal immigrant from Mexico just decides to hop the border into Texas. Also just say he was very sick. So he enters a hospital with no money, and also illegally not as a US citizen. He was brought into a room and the doctors cured him. OH NO! He has no money! Guess who pays for it? us. Another Opinion: Yes of course immigration effects the population. But most of us, except Native Americans, would not be here in the US today if it were not for immigration. Immigration made this country what it is today. The people who established our government were mostly born in England, not in the US. Immigration is not, in itself, a bad thing.

The US throw the European immigration after the year 1910. There were to many immigrants in the US.