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How does insulin work?

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The process of insulin doing its job is a fairly complex biological action. See the related link for further information on insulin's functions and how it does them.

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Being a diabetic is it possible to inject insulin in your scalp and get a sufficient effect from it?

Insulin is supposed to be injected into fat for it to work properly, so no.

How do beta cells in the pancreas work to produce and deliver insulin?

1.Beta cells 2.Beta cells 3.Insulin

How do the hormones insulin and glucagon work together to regulate the level of glucose in the blood?

Insulin decrease blood glucose level.It is increased by glucogon.

Do protein diets really work for people like me?

Protein diets work because they limit the amount of insulin entering your blood stream. Insulin tells your blood to extract the sugar out of the cells and not burn any fat. More insulin causes more sugar to be saved and less fat to be burned.

Which type of diabetes is insulin-dependent?

well really type 1 is when u take insulin but also if u have type 2 and the pill doesnt work then u half to take insulin p.s. im am a diabetic

Which hormone stimulates the conversion of excess glucose to glycogen for storage?

Insulin, secreated by the pancreas. Glucagon is the hormone that converts glycogen back into glucose, also from the pancreas.insulininsulinInsulinInsulin.InsulinInsulincortisolinsulin.insulinInsulin

Why is human insulin preferable to animal insulin?

-Human insulin does not cost as much as pig/animal insulin -Human insulin does not result in allergic reactions, such of insulin of an animal.

What are various treatment options for Type 1 diabetes?

Insulin. The only treatment for type 1 diabetes is to take insulin, but there are many different ways of taking it. Most people take daily injections with a combination of slow and fast acting insulin. The best method is the insulin pump which uses only fast acting insulin and delivers continuously based on individual settings. It is much healthier but more expensive and more complicated. So far, these are the only commonly used treatment methods although several new options are being researched such as the insulin inhaler and the insulin patch. Whatever you decide to use, be sure to work closely with a doctor and watch your diet and exercise as that helps the insulin to work.

Who shared the nobel prize for work on insulin?

elliott overqauff because he is a half ninja

How do you detect diabetes?

By having blood work done and having them check your levels of insulin.

How is a person with diabetes melitus affected?

A person with diabetes mellitus either does not make enough insulin, or makes insulin that does not work properly. The result is blood sugar that remains high.

What is Ultra-lente insulin?

Ultra-lente is a long-acting form of insulin that starts to work within four to eight hours and lasts 28-36 hours.

What would increase insulin secretion in Type II diabetes?

Sulfonylurea drugs work by increasing insulin secretions. Examples include Glucotrol, Amaryl, glipizide and many others.

How does cardiovascular fitness affect insulin action in the body?

When you do cardiovascular fitness, muscle glycogen gets used up. When your body works to restore the glycogen your insulin action is heightened. Any type of physical activity makes your insulin action work better.

How many mg of insulin are equal to One unit of insulin?

0.01 mg of insulin is equal to 1 unit of insulin

What charity work did Frederick Banting do?

Donated the patent for Insulin so it can be affordable for people everywhere.

Why use insulin pump?

An insulin pump can be used as an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin by insulin syringe.This method is known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy.

Is the insulin made by E.coli better or worse than insulin made by human?

The insulin that we engineer bacteria to make (E.colidoes not naturally make insulin) is identical to human insulin.

How was insulin made before scientists produced it with bacteria?

the bacterial insulin is just human like insulin that cause no allergic reaction but earlier the insulin used was animal insulin

How can diabetics increase their insulin levels?

Insulin levels can be increased by taking exogenous insulin as a medication injected under the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream. Insulin deficiency usually occurs in Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes that starts at a young age (children, teens, young adults). Type 2 diabetics (onset in adulthood) usually have high insulin levels, but the insulin does not work effectively to get sugar to move from the blood into the cells. These people need to increase the effectiveness of the insulin they produce at the cell level, and there are medications (oral) that can help with this. The overall need for insulin can be reduced by reducing sugars in the diet and reducing one's body weight. Exercise helps insulin be utilized more effectively as well.

Is type 2 diabetes known as insulin dependent diabetes?

NO NO you get type two from being over wieght type 1 is one the pancreras doe not work the pancreas provides insulin so type 1 diabetics have to in ject insulin into them selves they are very differnt things.

How is insulin administered?

Pills (primarily for Type Two Diabetes) and injections (Type One). The daily injections can be replaced by the insertion of an insulin pump which meters an omn demand continuous supply of insulin just like a pancreas. Work on Inhalation Systems for insulin are under development. Modern medical treatments include the replacement of the insulin producing cells by the injection of pancreatic cells into the body either as free living cells or in "cage"

Where does insulin work?

Insulin is secreted by beta-cells present in endogenous part of pancreas which helps in glycogenesis i.e. conversion of glucose into glycogen ,thereby helps in lowering blood sugar level.

What occurs in the body with type II diabetes?

In Type II diabetes, the pancreas may produce enough insulin, however, cells have become resistant to the insulin produced and it may not work as effectively

Which insulin pump brands work best for children?

The most popular insulin pumps for children in the US are Animas, Medtronic MiniMed, and OmniPod (Insulet). All of these are made and sold in the United States.