How does job description differ from job specifications?

Job description is basically the list of responsibilities, reporting relationships, working conditions and supervisory responsibilities of the job. Whereas, job specification is related to the 'human requirements' like education, skills and personality aspects required for a job.

Let us take an example of a hotel receptionist. The job description of a hotel receptionist will include the duties required to be performed by the receptionist, like

· Meeting, greeting, and welcoming visitors.

· Entering visitors details into the visitors log book.

· Assist visitors fill out visitors pass, and issuing of visitors pass.

· Allocating rooms to guests.

· Taking and passing on messages.

While the job specification of the receptionist will include the human skills required

for the job, like

· A friendly, descent, attractive and professional appearance.

· Confident personality.

· A welcoming, friendly and helpful attitude.

· A calm, efficient manner.

· To enjoy dealing with people.

· Excellent communication skills.