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It depends on the type of joint custody. Custody is broken down into two subcategories- legal and physical. Legal custody is the ability to make decisions concerning the child and to act on the child's behalf. Physical custody is who the child lives with. Typically unless the child spends exactly 50 percent of the time with each parent, one parent is considered to have primary custody and the other parent to have secondary custody or visitation rights. Child support is based on who has primary physical custody, and that parent is typically awarded child support from the parent who has the child less since having the child more usually means that you provide for more of their needs as well.

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Q: How does joint child custody affect child support in Alabama?
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Can a father win custody if he is behind in child support?

In Alabama custody and visitation have nothing to do with child support. Not sure about other states.

How does joint custody affect child support in Nebraska?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.

How does split custody affect child support payment?

Difference in income

If you remarry in Alabama will you receive more child support?

No, a new marriage has no affect on child support obligations.

How does joint joint custody affect child support in Washington State?

Child support is determined according to state guidelines and physical custody is one of the factors used to determine the amount.

Does shared physical custody with grandparents affect child support paid to custodial parent?


Would your ex having her sister and her husband move into her house affect child support?

no, but might affect your custody.

What are child custody laws for unmarried parents in Alabama?

The mother automatically have custody since there is no doubt she is the parent. The father have to establish paternity by doing a DNA test and then he can petition for visitation, custody and also pay child support.

What if child custody changes does the parent still get child support?

No, the parent that originally had custody of the child no longer recieves child support after the custody arrangements change. However, the court must be notified of the change so the child support order can be modified. The parent with custody receives the child support.

Can a father win custody of the child if the child has the mothers last name?

The name given the child does not affect custody. The court looks at the ability of the parent to provide a stable environment with the means to support the child.

Can a mother without custody receive child support?

The child support is to "support the child"...figure it out.

Do you have to have sole custody to get child support?

No. Courts routinely award child support in cases where the parents have joint custody.

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