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ask Alicia she knows the answer!!!

ask Alicia she knows the answer!!!

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Will a laser pointer work at laser tag?

No it won't. Laser pointer simply emit a laser beam whereas laser tag systems use other methods to register tags. The laser in laser tag is for effect. The actual laser doesn't tag the pack.

What are laser beams used for?

For cutting, security systems, gunsights, sky writing, communications, accurate measurement,

How would a laser help people?

laser surgery, laser hair removal,laser beams for security ;)

How To Build a Laser Security System?

laser light build

Does laser burn effect the xbox?

Laser burn may effect the reading of the disc.

What are disadvantages of laser light?

laser light can effect your eyes

Laser light or infrared in security fencing?

Visible LASER is problematic in that the beam can be seen when refracted/reflected to the eye or a sensor. IR LASER is somewhat more effective, but is also more expensive. LASER based perimeters are themselves difficult in that they yield a huge number of false positives. So any area one needed to protect with a system as pricey and difficult as a LASER based perimeter would need support from other security systems, including a manned response team to check out all those hits.

What are laser optics used for?

Laser optics are used with lasers or in laser systems. They can be used to amplify, split, or change direction of a laser beam, depending on the type purchased.

Is there a laser sight for a Ruger Security Six?

There are laser sights for almost any handun. Try Crimson Trace.

Are there any do it at home laser hair removal systems?

There is probably no do it at home laser hair removal systems yet. The reason being is that these laser removal procedures are fairly new and they still haven't developed really safe ones yet for regular customers.

What is the phone number for the zone laser tag?

Zone laser tag is a company that provides laser tag systems on a franchised basis. The number for their sales department is 877 484 9621.

Which of the digital imaging systems uses a laser to read the image data?

computed radiography

What are some of the leading laser tag systems?

There is not an extensive amount of laser tag system brands; therefore, those that do exist are either extremely high quality or not worth your time at all. Some of the high quality names of laser tag systems include LaserMaxx, Zone Laser Tag, and Steradian Technologies. You can visit each of their websites to find out more information on their products and services.

Why laser light using in communication?

Laser Light is Make special Effect that will more Highlight comminity which in light and taking a good idea

Is laser eye care safer than just wearing glasses?

Laser eye care or laser corrective surgery is a convenient solution to eye glasses and contacts. Laser surgery has progress to a point where there is only a 1% negative side effect.

What has the author H G Safren written?

H. G. Safren has written: 'Effect of atmospheric turbulence on the bit error probability of a space to ground near infrared laser communications link using binary pulse position modulation and an avalanche photodiode detector' -- subject(s): Laser communication systems, Atmospheric turbulence

Is a laser fax copier more or less expensive to maintain than an inkjet model?

If the laser system inside the copier has no issues then it is far cheaper to use. If though the laser systems develops any issues you will have to buy a new printer.

Where can I get an industrial laser that I can attach to the head of a shark ? has plenty of industrial lasers, but I still don't see why you can't come up with something more efficient than a shark with a laser beam attached to its head. Industrial Laser Systems should have exactly the industrial laser you're looking for.

What are the side effects of acne laser treatments?

Scarring is one big side effect of acne laser treatments. Another would be infection and redness of the skin.

Is there any disadvantage of laser hair removal?

If you go to a proper clinic then there will be no side effect and disadvantage of hair removal.

How painful is laser eye surgery?

there is no pain at all but it might effect your eyesight in the future.

Police radar and laser guns are an application of what?

2 different things. Police Radar uses the Doppler Effect to calculate a speed. Police Laser uses the Time/Distance effect. Look them up, too long to explain here.

How laser and fiber optics had improved telecommunication?

It lowers the cost of telecommunication systems and increase the speed of telecommunications

What sort of threat detection system does the Coyote have?

Laser range warning receiver. The laser range warning receiver provides the Coyote with 360 degrees of detection on enemies and their targeting systems

What has the author Jack Loader written?

Jack Loader has written: 'Basic laser Raman spectroscopy' -- subject(s): Laser spectroscopy, Raman effect, Spectrum analysis

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