How does light affect a peach?

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Light can make a peach riper, and stay fresh longer, if you put it in the fridge, is stays fresh longer
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How does light affect ice?

Answer . Light is a form of energy that can easily convert into heat energy. Heat energy can change ice from its solid phase into its liquid form--- pure water.

How does light affect the growth of crystals?

Actually, crystals are supposed to grow better in the dark. If you needed scientific facts and stuff, you can always look it up on the Internet. Hope this helps!

Does light affect Global Warming?

The sun's energy comes to earth in the form of heat and light. So yes, it does affect Global Warming.

What is a peach?

A peach is a fruit with a soft, slightly fuzzy skin, a fleshy texture, and a sweet taste.

Does air and light affect decomposition?

Environmental conditions affect decomposition. A body that is exposed to air will decompose more quickly and exhibit more insect activity. A buried body will decompose eight times slower than a body exposed to air. This is due in part to limited insect activity and possibly lower temperatures. L ( Full Answer )

What are peaches?

The peach ( Prunus persica ) is a species of Prunus native to China that bears an edible juicy fruit also called a peach. It is a deciduous tree growing to 5-10 m tall, belonging to the subfamily Prunoideae of the family Rosaceae . It is classified with the almond in the subgenus A ( Full Answer )

How does color affect light?

color affects light by the color for example if you see the rainbowhow is it made with rain right and sun so wat the sun and the raindo is combine themselves and make colors

How does light affect color?

Each color obsorbs all colors and reflects that color... Butdepending on your light or light source the Color can heat up justto let you know purple is the coolest color and orange is thewarmst color

How do lenses affect light?

lenses don't affect light, cause they are ugly and 99% of the people that have em suicide for being too ugly

How does light affect the ripening of banana?

Sunlight itself does not affect bananas after it has been harvested. Direct sunlight will heat a banana, and that is what will accelerate the ripening process of bananas or any fruit for that matter. Heat will accelerate the transformation of starch into sugar.

How does light affect crystal growth?

I'm not sure about all the scientific facts and things like that, but I do know from a recent science project that they grow a lot better in the dark. See ya! :)

Does light affect the taste of milk?

A short exposure to light is not going to affect the taste of milk in a glass or jug. This is highly unlikely. The milk in a large container is mostly opaque and even if light affected the molecules, it would only be a few millimeters deep. This is especially unlikely for weak sources of light like ( Full Answer )

What things affect the speed of light and how?

The light switch - stops it dead in its tracks. Other things like non- transparent objects do as well like wood, metal or anything that can't be seen through.

How does green light affect plants?

Green light does affect plants, but it doesn't really provide much help in the plants' growth. Plants that are green absorb all the colors of light except the color green, which is reflected off the plant. This is why we see the plant as green.

What colour will light peach and light blue make?

Peach - a mixture of red , & yellow lightened with white, mixed with a light blue will most often result in a pale mixture of brown, (the standard result of mixing all three of the prmary colours) in this case most likely a tan colour.

How light affect plant growth?

Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis.. Water + carbon dioxide --> (with light) --> oxygen + glucose. The more light there is the more it will grow. Plants grow towards the light source this is phototropism.

What does peaches have in them?

They have the pulp, called the flesh of the fruit, and the pit, a hard, seed-like brown object.

Are light and sound affected by gravity?

Light is, sound is not. Light is an actual, physical thing - a photon, or 'packet of light' - which, although is massless, has energy and momentum. These are the true factors which influence gravitational fields - energy and momentum - not mass. Mass can be equated into its energy form by using E=m ( Full Answer )

How do you can peaches?

Put some peaches in a can and put the lid on, surprisingly. . I put mason jars in the dishwasher (no soap), once they are good and hot, put your recipe in the jar (it must be hot), put on the seal and lid and listen for the popping to begin - once they make a pop noise, they have sealed.

How does poor lighting affect communication?

Poor lighting affect communication because if it is too dark thenyou won't be able to express your option to somebody because youwon't be able to see the person's face. This will cause less eye contact and you will struggle tounderstand what the person is talking about, whereas if thelighting is br ( Full Answer )

Which factors affect the velocity of light?

The speed of light in a vacuum is constant. Otherwise, the speed of light will depend on what materials it travels through. For example, the speed of light in air is similar to the speed of light in a vacuum; in water, it is quite a bit slower.

How can light affect your sight?

The presence of ambient light often makes it possible to see things, where otherwise ... in darkness ... they would be invisible.

How does the distance from the light affect photosynthesis?

as the distance from the plant increases, the rate of photosynthesis decreases - as less light energy is reaching the plant. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, therefore, if more light energy is put into the equation, more glucose and oxygen will be produced and glucose can be used for processes ( Full Answer )

How does light affect snakes?

They need the radiant heat of the sun to enliven them, and light or lack of it tells them when to sleep.

How does distance affect the brightness of light?

Because the area that the light illuminate gets wider the further it is from the source, the wider that area the dimmer the light will seem because it is still the same amount of light but in a bigger area

How is water affected by light?

Water is affected by light by a small temperature rise (depending on the intensity of the the light) and the light will make the water become illuminated.

How does light intensity affect the voltage?

Light intensity affects voltage because the higher the intensity of light, the more volts are produced. It works exactly the same way in the case of: the lower the light intensity the less volts that are produced.

How light intensity affects transpiration?

Light intensity has an important role on rate of transpiration . Transpiration is greater in day light as it enlarges the size of stomata and more water is lost to atmosphere.

How can light pollution affect stargazing?

Light pollution sends up unneccessary light into the sky, and this makes it very difficult to observe dim stars, nebulae and faint galaxies.

How does light affect the population of plankton?

That depends on the depth. plankton or phytoplankton need sunlight for the process of photosynthesis in order to create their food. The deeper into the ocean the less light is available. The area where there is the most production of food is the uppermost layer since more photosynthesis can occur. T ( Full Answer )

How does rays of light affect humans?

We would all die as there would be no food. I think we need a little more clarification here. The first answer was totally correct in that we NEED light to produce the food we eat BUT more than that humans NEED light to survive. Sure we can survive in the dark but mentally we need light for o ( Full Answer )

How does water affect the speed of light?

The speed of light depends on the electrical properties of the medium (stuff) it's traveling through. Its speed is maximum in vacuum ... 299,792,458 meters per second ... and it has different speeds in any material ... e.g., air, water, glass, jello, etc. As long as the light stays in the same mat ( Full Answer )

Can artificial light affect the plants?

Yes, it does. "Grow lights" are designed to emit certain wavelenghts of light to enhance certain growth cycles (e.g; the reds and blues for growth and flowering). Length of light exposure per day also has a definite effect as well. Successful indoor growers keep the light source within six inches of ( Full Answer )

Does light affect the color of a goldfish?

magic beans are given to the light by your mom then the goldfishare baked and bagged then sold to the public as a delicous conclusion i like your mom to twerk

How do light pollution affect astronomy?

An excess amount of light pollution can obscure or 'wash out' very distant stars and nebulae, this includes all sixth-magnitude stars and the Milky Way.

How does light affect the color of leaves?

The way any color of anything, including leaves, shows up, has todo with its physical makeup on how it reflects light. For example,a green leaf is unable to absorb green light, so it bounces thatlight off, and therefor it appears green.

How do the northern lights affect people?

Other than impressing them with their beauty and inspiring them toawe - the northern lights really don't have any effect on people. The solar radiation that causes the northern lights can interferewith radio transmissions so that is an effect related to, but notcause by, the northern lights.