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because your eyes might not beable to see color

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Q: How does light affect the way you see colors?
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How white light produced different colors?

White light doesn't produce different colors. The only way to make white light is tocombine light with all of the different colors. So if you already have white light, allof the colors are already there. You only have to separate them in order to see them.

How do colours come from white light?

It's the other way round - white light comes from combining all sorts of colors. White light is just a mixture of all colors. We see colors from white light because we can separate diffirent wavelenghts (via a prism, for example). That's also why we see a rainbow - white light refracts on drops of water, under a specific angle - working as a prism - thus we see a spectrum of colors.

How is Moon reflects light from the Sun?

it sounds strange, when stated that way but, 'reflected', here does not mean as a mirror's reflection... anything that you see is reflecting light, and the color you perceive is the wavelengths of light that are being reflected (the colors you do not see have been absorbed by the object's surface...) The colors of the spectrum, or rainbow, when all seen together are perceived as white light Conversely, when you see no colors (all wavelengths being absorbed) you see black... So... the white light, or color of the moon is all colors being reflected

What causes the different colors in the spectrum?

Visible light contains all of the colors with in the spectrum. The only way we see color is the bending and refraction of the visible light sending certain wave lengths back, which our brain interprets as different colors.

Do colors affect your emotions?

yes colour does affect our emotions and the way we behave :)

Why do light colors absorb less heat than dark colors?

Colors that appear light appear that way because they absorb less of the incident light, and reflect more of it to you.Colors that appear dark appear that way because they absorb more of the incident light, and reflect less of it to you.

How do humans see colors based on the wavelength of light?

When wavelengths composed of white light are interfered with by matter on their way to our eyes, or when a non-white distribution of light has been emitted.

What colors can fruit flies see?

Fruit flies do not see colors in the way that humans do. They have specialize vision that allows them to see shades but not colors directly.

Does the color of your eye affect the way you see?

Yes. Different pigmentations affect the way you see, how you see, and sometimes "why" you see the stuff you see.

Is Black all colors or no colors?

Black would be no colours. the way we see things, is that light bounces off a surface, and into our eyes. The colour of the surface decides the colour of the light that is bounced into our eyes, and allows us to tell what colour it is. If there either isn't any light, or nothing that bounces in our direction, then we'll see the absence of light as black.

Do light colors effect plants growthIn what way?


How does light become colors?

When you say 'Light' you probably mean, 'White light'. White light, or just plain old light, say, from the Sun, is composed of light of all the different visible colors. Light can be separated out into all the colors that are in it by using a prism or by reflecting the light off of tiny water droplets in the sky (creating a rainbow). The weirdest way to split light into its colors that I have ever seen is caused by light bouncing back from the tiny glass balls that are spread on wet traffic-stripe paint. It is really strange to see "rainbows" on the street!

How is a rainbow produced?

A rainbow forms when there is water in the air and the sun reflects off of this water. When the sun shines through some rain the light from the sun is broken up into it's spectrographic colors. Normal light is invisible to us but we see the effects as light allows us to see things. The things we all see are always some color, yes black and white are colors. Why? Because light is made up of every color you can think of. When you see a red car that is because the car's paint absorbs all of the light EXCEPT the red which is reflected back to you eyes. So all the colors we see in life are just reflections of those colors while all the other colors are being absorbed by the object we are viewing. So when the sunlight shines through the rain the rain acts like a prism and filters or breaks the light into it's various individual colors that we see. Generally we see it as Roy G. Biv. or Red Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Roy G. Biv is a good way to remember the colors that one sees. We call the colors the are visible from a rainbow a spectrum of colors.

What are the colors of the white light spectrum?

What we see as white light is actually a mix of all the colors. When white light is passed through a prism, the white light is broken down into the colors of the visible spectrum: 3.yellow 6.indigo 7.violet An easy way to memorize them is by remembering : ROY G BIV

How does wavelength affect light?

The main way wavelength affects light is it's color. You see, the shorter waves are colors like violet, whereas the longer waves are closer to red. Anything longer than red can not be seen by the human eye, as anything shorter than violet cannot be seen with our eyes.

What material is use to separate the colors of spectrum?

A glass prism is the best way to see how light can be separated into the full spectrum of color. A cut crystal piece will also break the light up.

Does color of the laser affect the velocity of light waves?

No. The speed of all colors of light, and of all other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, is the same number, as long as they're all making their way through the same substance.

How are different colors of light produced?

Smog and the way sunlight reflects

Why is a spectrum of colors not obtained when light passes through a glass slab?

The light has to pass through in a way that the colors are separated and refracted, but if they pass through glass and are not refracted in a certain way they will not separate the spectrum

Why are colors the way they are?

Nothing truly has a color to it. It is just the way that the molecules in things reflect light.

Why would a black can cool off faster than a silver can?

obaque colors absorbs light but the light colors reflects light other way black color absorbs light but white reflecs most of the light incident

Why do we see different colors in the sun?

because its justt the way our eyes see things. -jh'(:

Does amount of light affect the way a plant grows?


All of the visible color light waves together make up white light?

trueWhite light is made up of all the colors of the visible spectrum. If we drop back to the idea of the colors of the rainbow, the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, we'll have the colors. The colors making up white light are all the colors from red to violet. Said another way, all the colors of light from the infrared to the ultraviolet make up white light.White light is made up of every other color of light. Blue, red, yellow, orange, everything. When these colors of light are combined, they form white lightthe apex answer is: white light....... :0).

Are cats color blind?

Cats are not completely color blind, but they don't see colors the same way humans do. They see colors about the same way a human with red/green colorblindness would.