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How does light work in a camera?

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Light reflects off of all objects that you see around you. The light enters the camera through a lens that focuses the light onto the sensitive plate (film, or sensors in a digital camera). The plate captures the image and it is processed either chemically, if an analog camera is used, or by downloading to a computer or other digital image processor.

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It depends on the power of the camera, and it also depends on what your taking a picture of. But in general, cameras dont need light to work.

The shutter of a camera opens and closes allowing light into the camera, the hole in the shutter is the aperture.

AnswerIt is the camera obscura. The light goes through the lens bending it.The light coming from the flash bulb gives the picture tone.

The same as any other camera. The difference is the film or sensor, which is designed for sensitivity to infrared light.

No. They only work with cameras that can focus via infrared light.

Light enters your camera by moving your desktop lamp on where your camera is focused at.

A shutter is opened on the front of the camera. Light reflected from the subject is reflected through the camera front onto a special film. The light makes an image onto the file, which can then be developed into a picture.

Photography is made up of two words meaning light writing/drawing and a camera does need light to capture an image but a camera will still work/function in the absence of light: just no picture to show for it.

No, camera lens does not reflect light but it does refract light.

A CCD camera uses a special chip which detects light photons hitting an array. This data is then converted to binary which can then be interpreted by the camera into an image.

A camera refracts light on to the screen.

The iris of the camera allows more or less light to enter the camera.

Camera Work ended in 1917.

Camera Work was created in 1903.

It depends on the size of the camera! Some cameras are quite small and light, while others are large and heavy.

In the past, cameras took still photos and videos by focusing light on film. Now, in a CCD video camera, the lens of the camera focuses light onto a small CCD sensor. CCD stands for "charge-coupled device."

the leans opens and shuts really fast and tputs out light and captures it on film

It detects the surrounding light thrue the camera and adjusts the visibility

film or other focal plane light sensor.

Any film camera with a light meter, and every digital camera, has a sensor that will do that.

the Sony 200 camera would be a good camera in any light. This camera has four different flash modes so you would be able to adjust the flash for whatever light you in.

The hole in the shutter allowing light into the camera.

The lens is the part of the camera that bends the light and does the focusing.

You can't see infrared light without a special camera.

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