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It does not. If you say America unlock the doors, you may inspire or depress individuals, potentially adding or subtracting upon the oversoul. It is presumptous to say, "'Uncle Tom's Cabin' helped free the slaves", as an example.

Literature affecting society is just another 'rearview mirror' response that educators use as a point of reference to an era, i.e. a laptop for every child would have smoothed the bell curve in the early 21st century.

You might say that literature affects individuals, and that's why some slaves were blinded if they became literate, that's why books are burned. Regrettably we built ourselves a sound bite culture, fiction is dead, and we can throw bombs down chimneys across the globe (or convince youth to self-destruct for a faith) but we cannot affect society. Pay particular attention to writings on mirrors.

If the above were true in its entirety, then one might ask why such a text has an author; for, if literature, writing, or even oral storytelling had no impact on society and its membership, what was the point of anyone providing wiki answers? The presumption that Harriet Beecher Stowe had no affect on her readers to examine the institution of slavery is unsupported. The abolition of slavery is a complex process; however, even the action of seeing in a 'rearview mirror' that you are contributing to the death of slaves encourages some to consider looking out the windscreen at where the world may be driving. Fiction is not dead, and one may witness this by viewing, if one is unable to view the bank statements of Michael Crichton or Danielle Steel.

It is in my beliefs that literature does not affect culture. If you want an example, try looking at the Soviet Union. I don't think that any amount of books or literature written there would have done anything to change their government's "no freedom" attitude.

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Q: How does literature affect society in America?
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