Deforestation and Habitat Loss

How does logging affect the rainforest?

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hey there i like beans everyone jump in the air it affects the rainforest because animals will turn watermellons into monkeys

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How do humans affect tropical rainforest?

yes it does, by logging and pollution

Does the Hoh rainforest have logging?

Yes the Hoh Rainforest does have logging. it has for the past 5 years.

How does logging affect the amazon rainforest?

logging means they cut down thousands of trees, and it takes a long time for 1 tree to grow back.

How does logging in the rainforest affect the climate?

Well...when you cut down trees you also cut down oxygen. So the affect of logging makes the climate a lot hotter. So if you are a logger STOP!! Cause your killing our world! Thank you! C.E.A!!

What are some threats to Temperast Rainforest?


Why is the Amazon rainforest so important to Brazil?

many people work in the rainforest logging, mining, and farming

Are their fields or ranches in the rainforest?

Logging companies are turning the rainforest into empty fields on a daily basis, sadly...

What are they clearing the rainforest for?

Rainforest is being destroyed due to logging and clearances for ranching, roads, agriculture and quarrying.

Why are the Amazon rainforest being chopped down?

The Rainforest could be cut down mainly for all the money from logging.

What were the logging limits in the amazon in 2012?

In 2012, logging in the Amazon was down to two to three percent. Logging was only to be done in parts of the rainforest that were designated. Although, the area did see its share of illegal logging.

How does logging affect the economy?

Logging increases the economy if the logs are exported.

What is one issue of the daintree rainforest?

logging mining tourists & develoment

What is the biggest threat to the Daintree Rainforest?

Logging, mining, development and tourism

What are the threats in the amazon rainforest?

There is logging, mining, farming and much more

What animals do logging affect?

Koalas, snakes, owls, and insects are affected by logging.

How people are being affected by the amazon rainforest?

People in the rainforest are being affected because of deforestation and logging which means they have no home to live in. :)

How does logging affect the environment?

Logging affect the environment in many ways: it destroys wildlifes habitats and it destroys trees we need for the environment.

Will logging effect the daintree rainforest?

Yes it will affect it a lot. Many species will be lost, some of which aren't found anywhere else in the world. The same goes for the plants. We are already losing approximately 50 000 species of flora and fauna per year from logging in rainforests.

How are humans threatening the rainforest?

we are the ones logging the trees and destroying habitatsaisha is the best

Why is the rainforest endangered?

By Deforestation. Deforestation is the clearance of naturally growing forests by logging or burning.

How does logging affect us?

it affect every thing around us

Negatives of logging?

Some of the negatives of logging include the affect of logging on the environment. Logging can destroy entire ecosystems and even cause certain species of animals to become endangered.

Does logging affect endangered fish?


Which oranizations work to save the Amazon?

STARO ( save the amazon rainforest organization) works with the natives in the amazon rainforest to educate people about over hunting,logging and other things that threaten the rainforest

What human activies have changed the temperate rainforest the most?

Logging, Urbanization, fire suppression, Hunting.

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