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It only takes three days usage of morphine to become addicted. This is true for unsubstantiated use. I have taken morphine in both long-term and quick acting oral forms over several years on and off, and have no addiction. I was advised by a pain clinic physician that morphine only becomes addictive in doses which reward the taking i.e. as long as the morphine is fighting pain, it is very unlikely to cause addicition. My doses were coontinually adjusted to retain a small element of discomfort (not even enough to prevent sleep) sufficient for me to tell it was comiing from the area normally giving severe pain. Of course, peoples' physiologies do differ - I know nothing about so-called addictive personanlities!

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Does morphine get you buzzed?

Yes. If you've been in the hospital and you needed morphine as a pain killer, then you'll know that it gets you buzzed. When i had it in my system about a month ago, i was crazy.

Can cough syrup with codeine test you positive for morphine?

can codeine give you a false positive for morphine? I've been one codeine cough syrup for the past month on & off!!

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Alternative to morphine for pain control?

METHADONE - It is equally potent to Morphine and produces the same effects, it is a lot safer because it is synthetic and does not attack your liver like morphine/heroin/oxycodone/hydromorphone/oxymorphone/hydrocodone, etc. And is a lot cheaper then morphine or oxycodone, if you take 5 MG...3 times a day and 90 pills a month you can get it without insurance for as cheap as 10 dollars at some pharmacy's.

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Is morphine sulfate and hydromorphone the same thing?

They are both strong narcotic pain relievers. Hydromorphone is generic for Dilaudid which is 5 to 10 times stronger than morphine. Although in most cases it works better in liquid form than pill form. That is just on average as everyone is different. Morphine sulfate is time released morphine. They are both very good pain relievers and controlled substances. I have taken both. Was on dilaudid for 7 months until a recent shortage so they switched me to the morphine sulfate. I have severe chronic pain and both have helped me cope and live a pretty normal life. This is my second month on the morphine sulfate and I feel great. Hope this helps.

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Would morphine help in end stage heart failure?

Yes....the only reason I say that is because I watched my mother die on March will be 1 month tomorrow since her death...also my dad was just diagnosed with CHF yesterday and is now in the hospital to get the swelling under the end stage of CHF hospice told me to go and pick up a "comfort pack" for my mother...which included 5 morphine pills ( the kind that dissolve in your mouth) and 2 injectable syringes with morphine in them as well... so...yes it does help with the comfort at the end of this stage.

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