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Here are several answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: * In technology in many ways, magnetism relates to real life - from phonographs to cassettes. * In nature, many species still align themselves for migration with the Earth's magnetic field (birds, turtles, etc.).

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How does photosynthesis relate to real life?

Photosynthesis relate to real life because it gives organisms oxygen to breathe.

How does drama relate to a real life?

Drama can relate to the experience that can realte to real life problems such as your mother and father not understanding each other.

What is the real test for magnetism?

repulsion is the real test for magnetism

How do the Harry Potter books relate to real life?

Remotely; for example there are no giants in the real life.

How does drama mirror in real life?

the scenes in drama are like with our real life so we can relate on it

What does 9 relate to in real life?

9 lives:)

How does drama mirror real life?

Scenes in a drama are like with the one in real life so we can relate on it

What does real-life problems mean in math?

it means when you have a real life problem that is relate to math.

Does drama mirror real life?

it is story of one person life so we can relate on it

How does drama mirrors real life?

the scenes in drama sometimes happen in real life, so one could relate to it.

How is energy relate to magnetic?

I think what you mean to ask is, how do electricity and magnetism relate. well, electricity and magnetism combine in our universe to form what is known as electromagnetism, which the force that surrounds our Earth in deflecting solar radiation!

How does the story son of the mob relate to real life?

vhuda means chuda ,chudte giee vhuda + bara je deeply relate hoi and that it's the story son of the mob relate to real life.......ok saddam dhaka bangladesh 01736030568

How can you apply and relate social wellness to real life situation?

social work

What does endoplasmic reticulum relate to in real life?

Like Soda or Protien Bars.

How does the bean science project relate to real life?

It depends on what the bean science project is.

How does drama mirror life?

drama mirrors life because it reflects to the true story of the life of the person.and the scene in the drama are like with our real life so we can relate on it .

How does 75 relate to the real world?

In itself, the number 75 does not relate specifically to the real world.

How will you relate solution in your real life?

go somewhere by your self and talk about it or talk to someone u trust

How do action and reaction forces relate to real life?

Life is shaped by social forces. Action and reaction forces shape the pattern of real life, moving society forward, backward or keeping things stable.

How can you go deep sea fishing in Pokemon Black?

the game tries to relate somewhat to real life. you wouldn't try to fish underwater in real life, therefore, you can't do it in pokemon black.

How do you write the application part of a science project?

well an application means how can you use that experiment in real life issues so you would start it by saying this experiment can relate to real life situations by..............

How will you relate in real life experience the incident that happened in the story of resident evil degeneration?

There was this one time.. and I ran.

How can equations on a number line relate to real life?

There are no 'equations' on a number line. There are only numbers, such as 1, 2, 3...and so on. And they relate to life because you use them in counting. And you use that to count money, people, fingers, etc.

What is the difference between magnetism and magnetic force?

The force is just one aspect of magnetism. For example, there is a magnetic field all around a magnet. Of course they are related, but "magnetism" is a wider term for the entire phenomenon - it may relate to the force, to the magnetic field, or to a few other things.

How will you relate real numbers in your daily life?

u can see the numbers in the clocks, calendars etc. it is very helpful to us.

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