How does marijuana help people stay calm?

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Marijuana is classified as a "downer" drug. In this sense a person that is high feels exausted in most cases. Not wanting to do much physical activity however the mood of the person that is high differs form person to person, making it hard to say weather their relaxed mood will prevent them from being inactive. all in all generally speaking when a person gets high, they feel tired, especially on the come down, so sleep is often followed after being high.
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How do you stay calm during a job interview?

Make sure to grab a strong drink one half an hour before the interview. Brush teeth or take a pepperment after. Forget the strong drink. Just remember you are interviewing the interviewer as well, to see if you really like this company or not. Stay composed so that at the end of the interview, you ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm?

picture yourself (thought is occupied by you not being calm) surrounded by your own energy and smile for THEY do not know (they would like to think so) you and what you have experienced. others>you sad you> others unaware others=you aware you:)others complete if your mind was connected ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm during presentations?

Answer Are you doing a presentation? Here are some tips from wiki contributers; 1) The common answer is to imagine your audience in their underwear. I suppose this is supposed to put you at ease or keep you amused in an uncomfortable situation, but who wants to give a presentation to a bunch ( Full Answer )

Does marijuana help you?

That depends on what you consider HELP and who you ask and where they get their info. Personal i would say it does. Many experience clearer thinking, it reduces pain cheaply and with out adiction, it can put insomnacs to sleap and reduce your risk for nearly all cancers (if you eat it or use a vapor ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm around girls?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to relax and have your colour turn back to normal in your face but remember you are not the only one that feels this way and other guys as well as girls feel the same as you - so ride it out things will calm down, give yourself a minute before talking etc. to allow y ( Full Answer )

Does marijuana help people with cancer?

There very first research that found that THC kills cancer cells was a study done in 1974, and was paid for by the U.S. Government, the goal at first was for the researches to show how Cannabis hurts your immune system, surprisingly the researchers found no link to cannabis damaging the immune syste ( Full Answer )

Is marijuana helpful?

yes but it still bad for your system.. Smoking it helps Glaucoma ( to much pressure in the eye that causes to lose sight in vision ) treats symptons of HIV/AIDS, arteral blockage.

What helps calm you down?

You can calm down by just breathing in and out three or four times or you can go into the bath room on wet your face which feels good so you get calm. When i try to calm down i just breath and that's it so i calm down.

How do you stay calm while pregnant?

There are some women that experience a lot of anxiety during pregnancy and for many different reasons. Some have fear for vaginal labor so much they can not sleep etc. Then you have to tell your doctor and they can help you with a counselor. Stress and anxiety like this is not good for the mother-to ( Full Answer )

Is there something you can give your dog to help him stay calm on a long car ride?

You can get sedatives from your local vet. They are safe and will just sedate them for a certain period of time.. ==== . How long will be the drive? The most important pointer is to make driving in a car a pleasant experience... here are a few tips... - Treat car sickness. If simple motion s ( Full Answer )

How can people help leopards stay a live?

People can help leopards stay alive by donating to charities that go out to were leopards live and help prevent the poaching of them.

Does marijuana help people in other country's?

yes and it helps people in this country with pain from cancer or people with joint problems. even minor aches and painslike stomach aches and head aches

What can bi polar people do to stay calm?

Well it's different for everyone. In my opinion the longer you have the disorder the better you get at managing it but it takes a lot of effort sometimes. First, make sure you have the meds that work for you. Regardless there are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed. I've found and read the ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm when doing mathematics?

If you're doing homework, take a break for a while. If you can spare time, DO NOT do any other form of homework. Misunderstanding other subjects will only make you more upset. If you're in the middle of a test, skip problems that are giving you trouble, then come back to them. If you don't underst ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm when your mom wont be nice?

to stay calm if your mom is not being nice you can breathe deeply an calm down an tell your mom sorry for what you did an hug her an you can think about what you did wrong.

How do you stay calm around your crush?

Simple, act yourself. Don't think twice about that person being your crush. Pretend they are just one of your friends. Its megga hard i know but just be how you would be with your friends. Its simple if you make it simple. Trust me i have a crush and every time im around him i go all quiet and unno ( Full Answer )

How do I stay calm around a boy I fancy?

Pretend he is just one of your friends, then you'll talk to him and stuff as if he is. If you act yourself around a guy, then when he dates you he won't be shocked and disappointed at the change in your personality...(if that happens, he will most likely stop dating you). And besides, if he is reall ( Full Answer )

How can marijuana help you?

Marijuana can help you in several ways. 1. If you're in any kind of moderate pain, when you're high, it's almost as if it doesn't exist. Which is why medical marijuana has been brought up, it helps with the pains due to cancer, and many more illnesses. 2. If you're depressed, marijuana is very wel ( Full Answer )

Where can you listen to people taking in a calm voice to help you sleep?

You can often get tapes that are made to help people release stress- they tak in soft soothing voices and that could help OR you could simply record what you would like to hear before bed in what kind of voice you want and play it before bed I find that calm music helps me sleep i f you are having ( Full Answer )

Where people go for help when they are addicted to marijuana?

We suggest that you check out Narcotics Anonymous (see the link below for meeting times and places in your area). If that doesn't work out for you, then there are hundreds of treatment programs for addictions. There may even be free ones in your area, but check out NA first. We think that will pr ( Full Answer )

How do you calm down marijuana high?

I have heard from a freind that when you ejaculate it gets rid of the highness, But I am not sure of it, But if you want to calm down masturbate...

How do you stay calm at dentist?

Bring your MP3 player and listen to music while it's happening to stay calm. As, for the waiting room take deep breaths and think of happy things! I have to go to the dentist today and I was terrified until someone told me about the MP3 player thing. So try it. It may work!

How do you stay calm when a arrested?

Breathe in through your nose and exhale slowly from your mouth and don't say anything because what you do say can incriminate you in the court of law. Listen to your Miranda Rights. The police are just doing their jobs.

Does marijuana calm your brain down?

Marijuana works differently on everyone, On some it makes them Feel like they don't want to get up and do anything, and on some it just makes you active and want to move about quite often. Depends on the strain aswell..

Why should you stay calm in case of an accident?

When you start to get hysterical you start worrying and screaming and will not be able to decide what course of action to take and think clearly in general. Everything around you fades into oblivion while you scream and panic

How can you stay calm when you're fighting with your girlfriend?

no matter how much she pisses you of you must keep your calm because if you shout she will and do worse! first figure out why you are fighting if its your fault explain why you did what you did and apologize and tell her you wont do it again but mean it. if it is her fault then speak your mind she w ( Full Answer )

Where to get marijuana help?

If you're talking about getting help with an Addiction to weed, I would look up NA meetings in your area. NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous.

How do you calm people?

ask them how do they feel take them out BUT DONT TELL THEM WHERE you are going

How do you stay calm on LSD?

If you experience anxiety during and LSD experience try some breathing exercises. Sit down and breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. A change in setting will also make a big difference. Being alone can be preferable t ( Full Answer )

Does marijuana help cure people?

Marijuana has not been identified as a cure for anything except possibly glaucoma - where it has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure. It's most common medical use is as a palliative - to suppress nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments and restoring appetite in cancer ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm when getting a tattoo?

Well, it usually would depend on where you're getting the tattoo. But some people find it hurts in a place where someone else would feel nothing. You can stay calm by taking really big deep breaths and try to think of something else. Meditation works well, as does having someone to talk to to dis ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm when shooting on goal?

yeah so i play competively in high school and club. i play forward mostly and im pretty good. lately i seem to miss chance after chance when playing. my coach and parents say im not calm when going for goal. i agree with them. i have ADD and ive tried using my meds during games and they dont tend to ( Full Answer )

How do you stay calm during plane takeoffs?

They have just never bothered me at all. I suggest sitting back, closing your eyes, and imagining yourself someplace that you find comforting, sort of like self hypnosis. taking off is the easiest part of the flight. The engines are RUN UP prior to take off to make sure [again and again] tha ( Full Answer )

How can you stay calm during a gymnastics meat?

I have the same problem and I have been competing for 8 years. What I do at meets to stay calm is relax during stretch, and before I compete each routine I visualize the routine. Hopefully this will help.

How do you help an overstressed mom be calm?

There are many kinds of stress, so this question does not have only one answer. If the overstressed mom in question is overworked (which seems likely) you could help with the work.

Does catnip help calm a kitten?

Over time. Immediately, it has quite the opposite effect. It onlycalms them when they've burned off enough energy to wear themselvesdown a bit.

How can VoIP help people stay in touch?

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