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How does mass media influence society?"Society is influenced by the media in so many ways. As this is media(medium) for the masses it helps them get information about a lot of things and also to form opinions and make judgment regarding so many issues. It is the media which keeps the people updated and informed about whats happening around them and the world. Everyone can draw something from it.

Media also limits peoples thinking capacity although it projects lot of ideas and views of people from different streams of life. This affects the youth in the society who lack in experience and sometimes blindly believe in what they listen to. And many times the news covered are over exaggerated and it seldom concentrates on the area which needs real attention. By doing so it diverts the societies attention away from the actual problem. Media should do just to their job and are responsible for the development of the society at the same time expressing the right news with the right content.

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How mass media shape and influence mass behaviour and public opinion in the Nigerian society?

how mass media shape public opinion

How do mass media influence stability in society?

by creating a collective arena for issues to be discussed

The relationship between mass media and society?

Mass media is intended to reach the masses within society. The more people mass media reaches, the more impact it has on the audience.

What are the negative effects of mass media communication on society?

Mass media communication has the potential to negatively influence individuals who are vulnerable to the power of suggestion. For example, countless young girls suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Varies studies have supported the contention that mass media which represents females as too thin can have a negative influence on their emotional health.

How does the mass media influence gender roles in contemporary American society?

It reinforces gender roles considered appropriate for one's sex.

How can you put mass in a sentence?

We also consider the role of the mass media in society.

What has the author Michael O'Shaughnessy written?

Michael O'Shaughnessy has written: 'Media and society' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Mass media and culture, Mass media

What is the role of mass media in a society?

it major role is keeping the masses in the society informative.

Why is the mass media so evil?

The mass media, like everything else in human society, is run by imperfect human beings.

Roles of mass media to society?

the mass media is a body that is in charge of <1>Information<2>Education<3>Entertainment>4>advertising<5>survillence<5>correlation of parts of society.

Did the west influence the revolution in Romania?

Yes, the influence was important by the intermediate of mass media, propaganda, corruption, etc.

How does media influence?

The media influences society because it has a major impact on the public opinion as the public tends to believe what they read, see and hear in the media.

What is the mass media and society or define mass media and society?

Mass media denotes a section of the media specifically designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state. The term was coined in the 1920s with the advent of nationwide radio networks, mass-circulation newspapers and magazines. However, some forms of mass media such as books and manuscripts had already been in use centuries. The term public media has a similar meaning: it is the sum of the public mass distributors of news and entertainment across media such as newspapers, television, radio, broadcasting, which may require union membership in some large markets such as Newspaper Guild, AFTRA, and text publishers. Mass media includes Internet media (like blogs, message boards, podcasts, and video sharing) because individuals now have a means to exposure that is comparable in scale to that previously restricted to a select group of mass media producers. The communications audience has been viewed by some commentators as forming a mass society with special characteristics, notably atomization or lack of social connections, which render it especially susceptible to the influence of modern mass-media techniques such as advertising and propaganda. The term "MSM" or "mainstream media" has been widely used in the blogosphere in discussion of the mass media and media bias.

What has the author Athina Karatzogianni written?

Athina Karatzogianni has written: 'Violence and war in culture and the media' -- subject(s): War and society, War in mass media, Violence in mass media

Media influence on society?

Media has a strong influence on society. Media is important to the economy because companies can market themselves. Media is important to keep people informed on the world around them by sharing news and events. Social media is important because people are able to stay connected and communicate with other people in just about any given location of the world.

What are the negative effects of mass media communications on society?

I belive that mass media has affected our society both positively and negetively. It has programmed our thoughts,how we dress and how we relate to one another.Certain images shown on television influence kids to misbehave,disobeying parents under the impression that its cool.Disobediance leads to distruction,that leads to teenage pregnancy, drug abuse etc.On the other hand mass media can persuade young kids positively:if you tune to programmes that motivates positive force.

What are the advantages of mass media on society?

provides information to general public efficiently

The effect of internet on modern mass media society?

The internet has had a massive effect on modern mass media society. For example, some of our most well known celebrities got started through the internet , such as Justin Bieber.

What do you understand by mass media?

Mass media refers to the way the media reaches the masses. In today's time, it is possible for someone to get news at any time of day, and are able to choose what sources they get it from, having an influence on what they think.

What has the author William K Shrader written?

William K. Shrader has written: 'Media blight and the dehumanizing of America' -- subject(s): Influence, Mass media, Moral conditions, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Mass media, Social aspects of Mass media, Television broadcasting

What is the impact of mass mediaon the children?

Mass media influences children in what to watch, what to listen to and what to wear. They also influence behavior.

How can media affect the society?

Media affects our society in several ways and controls the direction of society. Television is a source of media that has a strong effect on society today. It is important to look at the influence of television becausean average American who subscribes to cable TV watches over 8 hours of TV a day. (Harris, 22) There are both positive and negative impacts media has on society.

What is the influence of media on society?

Media influences people\'s opinions and purchases. People are likely to have similar opinions to their favorite news anchor.

What evidence can you give that the mass media influence public opinion?

Increased television viewership and the print media are evidences that proves that mass media influences public education. The internet penetration of the internet is another clear evidence.

What has the author Robert E Bartholomew written?

Robert E. Bartholomew has written: 'The Martians have landed!' -- subject(s): Hoaxes in mass media, Influence, Mass media, Psychological aspects

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