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How does mia hamm do now to make a living?

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What does Mia Hamm do now?

Mia runs the Mia Hamm Foundation and is the cofounder of Athletes for Hope

What does Mia Hamm do now that she's retired?

Mia hamm cured a diesese or is trying to cure a diesese

Where does mia hamm live?

She is now living in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Nomar, and her twin daughters, Ava and Grace.

What is mia hamm doing now?

Mia Hamm is currently spending time with her friends and her family and trying to cure Bone Marrow diseases

Where dose Mia Hamm live now?

she lives in LosAngles

Who is mia hamm married to now?

As of July 2014, Mia Hamm is married to Nomar Garciaparra, the former MLB player. She had previously been married to Christian Corry.

Did mia hamm die?

No. She retired from soccer and is now married to Nomar Garciaparra.

How old is Mia Hamm now 2008?

she is now 36 years old and her birthday was on march 17, 1972

How old is Mia Hamms husband?

well Mia Hamms old Husband is 88 and mia hamm is only 38 he is not her husband now she got in a divorse in 2001

What is mia hamm doimg now?

She is with her family and friends and taking care of her 3year old kids!!

Did Mia hamm have two husband's?

Yes she did she married Christan Corry.But now she is married to Nomar Garciaparra.:p

Mia Hamm's education?

mia hamm played soccer in Notre Dame, she was very good. She is now in the hall of fame! she go elected on March 11, 2008! whoaa(: wayy to go!

What soccer team dose mia hamm play on?

Mia Hamm used to play for the US Women's soccer team. She is retired now. She wrote a book called Go For The Goal. It tells a lot about her team, teammates, the rules of soccer and it contains an inside story on the 1999 Women's World Cup.

Who are the 16 soccer players of the US girls soccer team?

I think Tiffany Milbrett, Mia Hamm was but now shes modeling for Tony the tiger.

Was mia hamm on drugs?

Yes, she was, but now she is over it. Please don't judge her on one of her actions because she is a really sweet person and an outstanding athlete.

Who are the highest goal scorer in international matches?

Wayne Rooney with 60 caps and 35 goals! (: what a legendd!!i believe it is actually Mia Hamm 158 goals.... now she is a legend.

Is America the best womans soccer team?

I think that for now in late 2010 yes, and our Fifa Ranking is number 1, thanks to Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, and Abby Wambach who are our top scorers.

Mia Hamm's eary life?

Well Mia Hamm was one of six kids in her family. Her family was a milatary family and so they had to move about seven diffrent times.Her adoupted brother, Garret, died in 1997 because of a bone disease.Mia also married and then got a devorce and is now married to a baseball player.

When is mia hamm's birthday and how old is she?

Mia is now 37 because it says she is 36 in 2008 and it is now 2009

What was mumma mia about?

Its Mamma Mia deary. You should get the DVD its well good its out now.

Is Mia gone from degrassi season 9?

yes mia is gone she now stars on a shw called the vampire diaries

When was Mia May born?

Mia May was born on June 2, 1884, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary [now Austria].

When was Mia Kern born?

Mia Kern was born on October 31, 1910, in Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria).

At age 13 where was Mia hamm playing?

She was playing for her local club in Texas either in San Antonio or Witchita Falls, she moved around a lot. Her father was military, but she was already a standout in regional games playing with the U-15's and became the youngest player to make the U.S. National Team at 15;however, that wouldn't happen now because the program has developed so much and there are now national teams for each age group.

Was Mia Hamm in High School when she was put on the national team?

Yes, she joined the WNT when she was only 15 years old. The second youngest player is Heather O'Reilly who got her first cap when she was 17. It's funny because Hamm's old number 9 is now O'Reilly's number.

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