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Your lcd can be used as your pc monitor by a simple cable usually DVI to HMDI cable. Many gamers use lcd tvs for better game play. You can also hook your pc up to your LCD tv to play movies and tv shows.

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A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor

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Q: How does my pc, tv, and lcd work together?
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Does a PC monitor work the same as LCD tv?

Computer LCD displays operate in a very similar way to LCD televisions. The input signals are normally different to those available on a television but otherwise, the technologies used are the same for both.

How do i run What is on my PC to my tv?

First check that your TV has a PC input of not. There is a PC Input in newly built LCD's and plasma's attach a cable(monitor cable) from your CPU or laptop into PC Input.For details refer to your LCD/Plasma User Manual.

Where can I get a TV to PC to LCD converter?

You can obtain a cable that connects from your PC to your television at Walmart or any electronics store.

Can a LCD tv also be used as a PC monitor?

yes provided you have the correct cables.

Will a playstation 2 work on a lcd tv?

PS2's work on most t.v's but i tryed it and it was a toshbia brand lcd and the lcd tv broke so i'd go with the hdtv :D

Where can one find information about LCD TV brackets prices?

LCD TV bracket prices can be found on many useful sites such as wikipedia and tom's hardware. Many magazines such as PC Gamer and PC Hardware also carry this information.

Does PS3 Work On A Emerson LCD TV?

The PS3 will work on any TV you can connect it to

Where can one purchase a 26 inch lcd tv?

A 26 inch LCD TV can be bought in High Street stores such as Currys and PC World. Alternatively, one can buy a 26 inch LCD TV from the online retailer Amazon.

Will Nintendo 64 work on LCD TV?

If your lcd is a newer tv, then most of the time, the 64's will not work with the video ins. Some of the older lcd's can run 64 but your best bet is just running it on an older tv.

Do LCD wall mounts work for all LCD TVs?

Yes, you can use a wall mount for your LCD TV. It will give your home more of a newer feel when you have it mounted!

How do you get durabrand tv to work with DVD player with out remote?

you can get a plasma or an LCD TV, that will work perfect

What port is required to connect a PC to an LCD TV?

The answer it's a VGA. To connect the TV with an LCD nowadays some graphic cards give an HDMI option. There are also cables from VGA to HDMI.

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