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the shampoos do not contain appreciable amounts of acid, alkali, alcohol, or salts which would prompt irritation which causes tearing

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Does loreal shampoo works?

yes loreal shampoo does work just like any other shampoo

Does Pantene shampoo work?

It works for me its the best shampoo I've ever used.

Can you use human shampoo on a guinea pig?

No. Human shampoo works on removing oil. Small pet shampoo will work as will cat shampoo. Dog shampoo is also too harsh.

How does a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner work?

It works because people combined both shampoo and conditioner and they work as both

Does Suave shampoo work?

yes it does.

Does head and shoulders shampoo work?

Not for me!!

Does caffein shampoo work for your hair?


Does hair razor shampoo work?

yes but it is not a shampoo it is 2 seperate formulas that destroy metabolites

Is there a Shampoo for woman to make a man horny?

Any shampoo will work. Men are horny 24/7.

Should i put shampoo on my kitten when i give it a bath?

Can you bath a chihuahua with human shampoo?

Unless the dog has fleas and you need a shampoo that'll kill them, human shampoo should work just fine on your dog.

Will this shampoo make my hair frizzy?

This shampoo is designed to give you more volume, without making you work to get it. You shouldn't experience any frizz due to the shampoo.

How shampoo molecule work?

First you put water in your hair than you put shampoo in your hair than wash it out

Can a non neutralizing shampoo be used after a texturing creme use?

If you use a regular shampoo with a balanced pH like...head and shoulders or any other shampoo like should work just as well. If you use a regular shampoo with a balanced pH like...head and shoulders or any other shampoo like should work just as well.

What horse shampoo to use on hair?

I honestly use my shampoo on my horse. unless you have a wild horse then any horse shampoo at your local stable or club should work

Why is fragrance important to be used in shampoo?

fragrance is not a necessary ingredient in shampoo--shampoo without fragrance will work just as well as shampoo with fragrance. But fragrance helps to sell the shampoo to the general public. So if it is important at all, it is because it helps to sell the product.

Does ultra clean shampoo work?

Yes I think so

Does curl your hair shampoo work on relaxed hair?


Will your shampoo work if it freezes?

It should work (once it thaws out), but if you use it WHILE it's frozen, I doubt it would work very well. The point of shampoo is to be a liquid cleaner; if it's frozen it won't do it's job.

What shampoo can you use on a bunny?

Baby shampoo would be very gentle, or any pet shampoo. Answer no, any pet shampoo will not work. if you use cat sampoo on a rabbit it could make the rabbit blind. they have a "Bunny Bath" shampoo that is just right for them, makes them smell really good too.

How do you use the cat shampoo to get rid of head lice?

You get the shampoo and put it on your head. Fleas shampoo may not work, get one for lice and get the one with the special comb so you can get the nits out of your hair

What is the best shampoo for long haired men?

There are many different shampoos that work well for long haired men. One shampoo that works best for one will not work the best for another though.

If you have really bad dandruff and Head and Shoulders doesn't work what shampoo should you use?

Try using different anti dandruff shampoo.

Can ferrets get sick if you gave them a bath with dog shampoo?

Yes they can, dog shampoo carries much more chemicals than they do in cat shampoo or ferret shampoo, never get anything to do with a dog for ferrets, kitten and cat shampoos will work just fine. i actually use Johnson-&Johnson baby shampoo for mine.

Can dog tick remover shampoo work for human hair?


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