How does observations limit what scientists can study?


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How does observations limit what scientists can study?

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After making thier observations, scientists study their data looking for what?

scientists must use observations of earths surface to draw conclusions about the mantle.

Why is it important for scientists to communicate with their observations theories and investigations?

Scientists get information from research, observations, experiments, and other scientists.

The microscope enabled scientists to magnify their observations, allowing research and the study of cells, bacteria, animals, etc.

Scientists study things like if an animal has hair, if it is warm blooded, and what kind of feet it has. All of these observations can be made by simply observing the animal so it doesn't take long for an organism to get placed in a class.

From observations or experiments

The result which is going to be obtained and the paper which is going to be written everything is going to be a part of it,that is why observations are so important for scientists.

observationthe process of obtaining information by using the senses; the information obtained by using the senses

Palaeontologists are scientists who study fossils.

Because of the vastness of outer space and the difficulties it poses for survival, scientists generally can't conduct laboratory experiments to explore it. Instead, they must depend on upon their observations.

The scientific method is how scientists make an hypothesis to focus their observations.

Students could be seen to be acting as scientist if they are following the scientific method - Make observations, postulate a hypothesis, and form and complete experiments or further observations to confirm or refute that hypothesis.

why do you think scientists study earths interior?if you were a scientists ,will you undertake a study of the earths interior?

Scientists do not study family trees. Geneticists are scientists who study genetics and inheritance. Genealogists study family trees, but they are not scientists.

Scientists that study fungi are called mycologists.

scientists study plants by putting them into?

Before the scientific revolution scientists would do mostly observations. These observations are what lead to the rise of patterns and the need for the scientific revolution.

When scientists study plants, it is called Botany.

Antarctica is where scientists can study the health of planet earth.

Scientists study the ozone layer. They do it by satellites.

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