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Q: How does observing with the unaided human eye compare to observing with the use of a microscope?
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A device used by sciencetists to look at objects which are to small to be seen by human eye is?


What can you compare a human eye to an optical instrument?

A camera or a telescope (:

Are all constellations seen from earth located in the milky way galaxy?

That is true, all the constellations are composed of stars which are part of the Milky Way. Other galaxies are seen by the unaided human eye as cloud-like nebulae, rather than point sources of light.

Can't be seen with the naked eye?

"microscopic" Naked = The average human eye, without the use of any artificial aids like, glasses, microscope, telescope etc.

Who discovered the simple microscope?

Short answer: Zacharias Jansen Long answer: Your question is not valid for 2 reasons: 1. You cannot "discover" something if it does not exist. You should be asking who invented it, not who found it laying around somewhere. 2. A "simple microscope" is not common terminology. Simple compared to an electron microscope? or simple compared to a compound microscope? What is typically referred to as just "microscope" is technically a compound microscope. A set of multiple lenses mounted in a desktop style that allows the compounding of magnification. A compound microscope is the standard microscope in any basic lab setting. Anything more "simple" than a compound microscope would not even really be a microscope, it would either be a telescope, or simpler than that is a magnifying glass (with a single lens) The inventor of the magnifying glass was: Roger Bacon The next step up is the telescope invented by: Zacharias Jansen The next step up is the "compound microscope" which was also invented by: Zacharias Jansen (this is the simplest form of what would be recognized as or named "microscope") If you wanted to go even "simpler" and define microscope as anything that magnifies, there were reading glasses around for thousands of years prior, and even "reading stones" which were lumps of polished glass used to magnify parchment in Egypt as far back as 7000 B.C. (inventor unknown). So it really depends on how you wish to refine your meaning of simple. The magnification of anything? There is no known inventor for reading stones, his name is lost to time. Or if you mean the first invented microscope that could examine things too small for a human eye to detect, that's a compound microscope. Thus if I am guessing your meaning correctly, you meant to ask this question: Question: Who invented the compound microscope? Answer: Zacharias Jansen

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What is the limit of resolution of light microscope and that of the unaided eye?

We can hardly differentiate the four lines drawn within a one-milimeter-length (250 micrometer). Below this line lies the realm which is invisible to human unaided eye: 200-250 micrometer The resolution of the light microscope cannot be smaller than the half of the wavelength of the visible light, which is 0.4-0.7 micrometer. When we use green light (0.4 micron), we can see the objects which is, at most, about 0.2 micron (200 nanometer). Below this point, light microscope is useless, because we must use a wavelength smaller than 400 micrometer. The waves that associate the electrons has smaller wavelength. Then we can use electrons, but in an electron microscope. ahmetcorak

What are micro-orgasims?

Micro-orgasims are very small particles that you can see under a microscope.

What is one thing a unaided human eye can see?


Can a human draw a perfect circle?

As far as an UNAIDED human, no it is not possible. By unaided - nothing other than their writing utensil, hand and the surface being drawn on with no guide, tools, marks or the like.

What is the smallest microorganism seen by the human eye?

By definition, a microorganism cannot be seen by the unaided human eye.

How do microscope change human understanding of life?

how did the microscope change the human understanding of life

What is the smallest size of a cell that can be seen with an unaided human eye in term of micron?


What is observing and understanding human interaction?


Can neptune be seen with out a telescope at night?

No. Its brightness is below the limit of sensitivity for the unaided human eye.

How to pass thread through the eye of a needle unaided?

Pass a thread through the eye of a needle unaided from the opposite side of the needle towards the human eye; while looking through the eye of the needle.

What makes an organism a microorganism?

Any organism which is too small to be seen with the unaided human eye is by definition a microorganism.

What is good sentence using infrared waves?

Infrared waves are a frequency of the spectrum that is undetectable by the unaided human eye.