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The Only way I know you can play windows games on a mac, is installing bootcamp and installing windows, but there might be a different way You can also get VMware Fusion , maybe from ThePirateBay , but to get torrents you must have transmission and use a browser other than Safari 4 , Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox will work , just find an easy download for transmission on Google . Once you have VMware Fusion , insert a Windows 7 / Vista / XP disc into your Mac , or like I said before ; use ThePirateBay . Then open it up , and insert any disc you would wish to install , and you will be able to play it on your Mac !

Simply. Go to the Fusion Machine.if you familiar with the fusion. theres a little box below the 2nd monster to fusion which you could insert the trick you want your monster to learn

You can insert mathematical symbols in browser windows. It could be done via on-screen desktop easily.

Yes, you can. Backup your data. Insert the disk with windows 7 and follow instructions.

From INSERT menu, select 'insert SYMBOL' - Trademark is listed.

You Rip music from a CD in windows movie maker

open CD drive insert windows vista disk and run it

Insert the windows XP Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot the computer. Boot from the CD. Then follow the instructions.

You can not insert an image in Notepad as it is a plain-text editor. If you would like to insert an image into a document, use Wordpad (the button is at Insert --> Image in Windows 7)

You need to have either Windows XP Profesional or Windows 7 and 8. If you do have that just go to manual and read it.

Just insert the Vista disc and follow the on screen instructions

Yes. If you insert your Windows XP CD while Windows 98 is running, it will ask you if you'd like to upgrade. It will then copy some basic files to the hard drive and restart.

Insert CD, Reboot. switch off . go home .

The same process. Insert the CD and follow the onscreen instructions!

Open itunes, or windows media player, insert a cd, wait till it downloads

You can insert windows7 DVD into drivers, then you will get a wizard and follow the instructions.

Simply insert the installation disk and follow the prompts.

Any media you use in Windows Movie Maker first has to be downloaded to your computer. From there you can import it into the program.

Nowadays wireless router setup is really easy. All you have to do is plug the router up to a your computer and insert the start up disk to configure the router,

All new netbooks come with Windows 7 Starter already installed. To install Windows 7 on a netbook with a previous version of Windows installed you get the Windows 7 CD and insert it into an external disk drive you have installed on your computer. Then follow the installation instructions.

To make your flash drive boot windows XP simply install windows to your flash drive to do this insert flash drive into USB port on PC or laptop. Insert windows operating disc and install to said drive for where you inserted the flash drive. Once the install is complete remove the flash drive and turn off PC or laptop insert flash drive and boot PC or laptop and go to your Bios and change the boot sequence to the flash drive well it worked for me

1. insert the cd 2. go to rip on windows media player 3. click start rip

Just insert the installation disk and let it auto-run. If you let it do all the work, it will delete the old XP and install Me instead.

You can you the windows media player control, and set the URL property to the MP3 File.

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