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The Model 12 has a take down screw on the left side of the receiver and it allows separation of the firearm into 2 pieces. When you cock (pump it back) the entire breach block will then fall out. That's really all you want to take apart other then the magazine tube to clean. Also a BIG WARNING this breach is a little tricky to get back in until you get the hang of it. Turn the top half of the receiver upside down (cocked) and it drops with a little tinkering back into the metal arms as you slide the pump forward. (You have to have the breach block slid into the divot in the top of the receiver. Then pull the pump action back to meet it. There is a small button on the action that is stopped by the receiver now. Push that in and push the action into the receiver the rest of the way. This will engage the metal arms noted above with the breach block to pull it back correctly into the receiver when reassembled. There is a sliding piece that is part of the action inside thereceiver. You can see it easily near the receiver serial number. Make sure this is to the butt end of the rifle so it can engage with the butt half of the rifle. Now insert the butt end so that it covers the sliding piece mentioned in previous step and slide the butt and action into the receiver to lock back in place finishing with the retaining screw.)

It is quite simple if you can see it done. Not so simple to explain.

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Q: How does one disassemble and re-assemble a Remington 22 cal pump action rifle model 12?
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