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How does one discuss the issue of vaginal oder with ones girlfriend with out hurting your loved one's feelings?


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July 15, 2015 7:47PM

Well, I sure think you are quite a man for bothering to ask such a delicate question and having your girlfriend's feelings in your heart. Wish there were more around like you!

This is a very hard one, but if you have good communication skills already you can get over this problem to. It is not unusual for women to have vaginal ordor. It can be caused from certain foods they eat, PH imbalance, just before their periods come or a yeast infection or even a urinary tract infection. Your girlfriend would know if she had a yeast infection (can be itchy) or a urinary tract infection (could be painful) but she may not know her PH level is off and she could be just about due to start her periods.

If the vaginal odor is not all the time, please try to put up with it. If it's all the time you will just have to sit down privately and suggest that you are concerned about her because of it and that she should perhaps have a pap smear done as you are worried about her. I can't think of an easier way to say it.

She may be a little embarrassed, but you have been so kind and gentle about your question I don't think she will be too offended. Please don't tell her you went on this board! That's death in a nutshell! LOL

Good luck Merry Christmas Marcy