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Trust me, it's a fake. All 1983 dies should have been removed and destroyed before any 1984 dies were delivered. The machinery is designed so that the heads and tails dies will only only fit on opposite sides. If you examine your coin with an 8x or 10x magnifier you should find the seam where parts of two coins were joined. These magicians coins are available for about $5 in novelty shops and several places on the internet.

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Q: How does one find out if a 2 headed nickel dated 1983 on one side and 1984 on the other is worth something or a fake?
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Two headed nickel one side is dated 1973 the other side is dated 1995?

It's a fake. Please use the Search feature to find dozens of postings on this topic.

What's the value of a double headed nickel dated 1994?

5 cents PLEASE take a few seconds to run a search and you will find hundreds of other similar questions with explanations of how these novelty items are made.

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Is a coin with a buffalo on one side and an Indian head on the other dated 1877 a real coin?

Not with that date. The Buffalo Nickel was minted from 1913 through 1938.

Value of two headed buffalo nickel?

It's worth the same as all other two-headed coins. It's privately made and has no value to a coin collector, but sells for a couple of bucks in a novelty shop where it's available as a magician's trick coin.

What are the 2 coins if you have 2 US coins that total 55 cents and one of them is not a nickel?

The answer is a nickel and a 50 cent piece (half dollar). The question states that *one* of them is not a nickel, but the other coin may be a nickel. In fact, this is the only answer. One is a half dollar and the other is the nickel. This way, one is not the nickel, the other is the nickel.

Two US coins are worth 30 cents one is not a nickel what are the coins?

One coin is a quarter and the other one is a nickel. The quarter is NOT a nickel!

What does it mean if a two-headed quarter has one side dated 1978 and the other side maybe 1982?

It's a trick coin, sold in magic or novelty shops. It did NOT come that way from the U.S. Mint.

Where is a 1895 smaller silver coin with a two headed eaglecoat of arms on one side and the number twenty on the other side from there is no writing on it other than the date and amount?

It is Austrian empire1892-1914, 20-Heller, Nickel, 4.00g., 21mm.

What is on the back of a nickel?

The building on the back of the nickel is Monticello, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson (who is on the other side of the nickel).

What two coins make 30 cents but one is not a nickel?

A quarter and a nickel. The other one is the nickel.

Value of 1942 nickel?

There are two different Jefferson nickels dated 1942. One is made from 35% silver with a large "P" or "S" mintmark on the reverse over Monticello. This is a War Nickel that's worth about $1.00 in circulated condition. The other is a common copper-nickel coin that in circulated condition is really only worth face value.

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