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How does one find out if a 2 headed nickel dated 1983 on one side and 1984 on the other is worth something or a fake?


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2015-07-15 19:45:55
2015-07-15 19:45:55

Trust me, it's a fake. All 1983 dies should have been removed and destroyed before any 1984 dies were delivered. The machinery is designed so that the heads and tails dies will only only fit on opposite sides. If you examine your coin with an 8x or 10x magnifier you should find the seam where parts of two coins were joined. These magicians coins are available for about $5 in novelty shops and several places on the Internet.


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It's a fake. Please use the Search feature to find dozens of postings on this topic.

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Not with that date. The Buffalo Nickel was minted from 1913 through 1938.

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It's worth the same as all other two-headed coins. It's privately made and has no value to a coin collector, but sells for a couple of bucks in a novelty shop where it's available as a magician's trick coin.

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