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It's in the preferences. -DJ Craig

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โˆ™ 2008-12-07 01:14:50
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Q: How does one get AOL Instant Messenger to save or log conversations automatically?
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Can you save your msn conversations?

Yes, only if you're using MSN messenger because if you are then your conversations will be saved.

Do yahoo messenger messages save to your hard drive?

If you enable your yahoo to save conversations, yes.

How do you save your cleverbot chat?

if you make a cleverbot account you can save your conversations click conversations and then click edit and save

How do you delete snapchat conversations?

don't save it, or go to settings and click "clear conversations"

How do you save on Club Penguin?

You dont save, it save automatically

How do you change wallpaper in whatsapp messager android?

To change the background in whatsapp messenger android you would first click settings and then click chat wallpaper. Click on the wallpaper you like best and save. When you save the wallpaper will automatically be changed.

How do you get Sonic Heroes save?

It should save automatically.

How do you save on Papa's Freezeria?

It should save automatically.

How do you save on papas freezeria?

It should save automatically.

How can you see your msn chats that you have?

Go On Settings. Then Save Conversations

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The missions save automatically!

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Yes it automatically saves

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automatically it will save.

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It should automatically save in the downloads folder.

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The game should automatically save everything...

How do you save a voice message in an iPhone 3G?

you dont have to save it, it automatically does :)

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It's save automatically.

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you automatically save whenever you leave a world.

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dont need to save, it saves automatically

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It automatically saves.

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The game seems to save automatically.

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The game will automatically save itself.

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