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How does one know if a wisdom tooth is infected?


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2015-07-16 18:31:10
2015-07-16 18:31:10

I had all my wisdom teeth until I was 32. About a month ago I got a real bad jaw ache on my right side and my teeth got really sensitive. I used ice packs and pain meds for aboout 2 days and made an appt with the oral surgeon, I finally could not take the pain anymore.

He told me that the impacted wisdom tooth will form a gap between itself and the 2nd molar which allows food and bacteria to grow and become the time you begin to feel the pain, the infection is already manifested and needs to be treated with an antibiotic.

You'll know , trust me

I had been having pain in my lower left wisdom tooth for 2 days....On the third day the pain got so bad that I just could not take it anymore..I went to the dentist and found out that I had gotten an infection in it....With the pain you will know


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at the time of birth no one has wisdom tooth

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A wisdom tooth is one of the three molars. A molar is defined as a tooth with four cusps or points, and the wisdom tooth is simply the last molar to erupt and farthest back in the jaw.

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If one has an impacted wisdom tooth, it means that their tooth has not had enough room to grow and are stuck under the gum or have only partially erupted. One can visit their dentist to find out if they have an impacted wisdom tooth.

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It depends on the person, there is no hard and fast rule. Your tolerance of pain, whether or not the tooth and gum are infected and how many teeth and on which side(s) are all factors that can contribute to healing times. If you get one tooth removed on one side and it's not infected, you will be able to eat normally a few hours later but you may notice an intolerance to spicy and acidic foods. In those conditions (One tooth, one side, not infected) you can expect a healing time of 3-10 days.

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It is not normal but some do have wisdom tooth pain after an year.

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