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How does one know when a creative mp3 player's battery is dead?


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well most obviously, charge the battery and turn on the mp3 player, if it doesn't turn on it's most liky dead, housever you should use a multimeter to check the actual battery. well most obviously, charge the battery and turn on the mp3 player, if it doesn't turn on it's most liky dead, housever you should use a multimeter to check the actual battery.

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Remove the battery and check it with a volt meter.

If the battery will not hold a charge it more than likely has a dead cell. If the battery is over 4 years old, replace it.

Remove the battery and take it to an Auto Parts store. They will check it and tell you if it is defective.

Try start the car. Check the voltage.

the computer will shut off entirely

turn the key, and if the interior lights don't come on or flicker, then its dead.

If your car battery is dead, you will not be able to start your vehicle without a jump using jumper cables. When the car won't start and the lights on the dash aren't working, it is most likely your battery.

No start? No turnover? No horn? No lights? Check with a voltmeter

It's just called "eye black." Real creative, I know.

Well you could buy a battery checker at walmart or at target or any were they sell those types of stuff

I just replace my battery less than 6 months, some how my car was out of power, I really don't know the battery really dead, and isn't there any more problem or not. if anyone have this answer pls email mail me at thanks a lot Ethan

A battery that runs down overnight is normally caused by a dead cell in that battery. The only fix is to replace the battery. It can also be caused by any light that is left on, on the vehicle. Dome light, under hood light, trunk light, glovebox light, or even brake lights that our on due to a sticking brake light switch. A relay that is sticking can also cause this. Disconnect the negative battery cable and let the vehicle sit overnight. If the battery is still charged the next morning then you know the battery is good. If the battery is dead then you know the battery has a dead cell and must be replaced.

It is dead when the car doesnt start. You can see warning sighs when your car takes longer to start, or when rolling your windows up or down takes longer than normal. If you fully charge the battery and it looses that charge over a 24 hour period, and you know there is nothing draining the battery, it has a dead cell. In some cases a battery with a dead cell will not even accept a charge.

When the magnet isn't allowing you to upload and the bracelet isn't vibrating.

They beep to let you know your program was changed, or that your battery is almost dead.

the battery will not be recharged and will soon become inoperable or discharged {dead}

Something is usually on that you don't know about like an alarm could be draining the battery. However, If its not starting you should check the starter though. It will make you think the battery is bone dead.

If you charge the battery up and it will run and start for a while and then dies again you know its not getting charged. If you charge the battery up or jump it off and it is dead again the first time you cut it back off its a bad battery.

When the battery will no longer accept a charge and cannot provide the required power to operate your vehicle. Have your local auto parts store test it for you.

A visual check shows an excess of white buildup between plates. This is lead sulphate. If it is touching both plates in a cell, that cell is dead. This reduces power from the entire battery and may render it useless for applications that need full 12V. If a battery does not retain charge despite long hours of charging, it is dead. The lead oxide paste may have flaked off or the lead plates may have corroded leading to non-retention of charge and a dead battery is the result. If charging does not raise battery voltage or show adequate current according to its Ah rating, the battery is dead. If it is dried up and left unused without recharging for a long time, the battery dies.

That's a tough one, but I would guess the answer is "when it stops working". That is a true indication that the battery is dead. But don't call a locksmith, because you can still open your door manually with the key... yes, you can, even if the battery key is dead.

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