How does one learn the art of making love to a women?

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2017-11-23 01:33:00

I dont think that anyone needs to learn the art of love making

from a third person. Its a god gifted ability to have a likings for

the opposite sex. If somebody is trying to learn it, he/she is

trying to conceal his/her own shortcomings. The is the only art,

which we learn naturally by showing great passion and sincere love

for the other person. So learn to love and u will learn to make


There are different types of sex

Oral sex- When you have vagina to mouth or penis to mouth.

Sexual Intercorse- When the mans penis is inserted into the

womens vagina.

Anal sex- When the mans penis is inserted into the womens


Cybersex- When two people talk dirty to each other across the


Gay sex- When two men have sex, often it is anal or oral.

Lesbian sex- When two women have sex, often it is oral.

Group sex- When three of more people have sex.

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