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How does one leave a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage with no job or job skills or money and suffering from arthritis?


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First, it's probably not a good idea to play the "sympathy card". A lot of people have arthritis, and we don't go around acting like people should treat us any differently. Leave the relationship the same way you would if you DIDN'T have arthritis. You'll need to find a way to support yourself or find someone who will take care of you. You may need to sign up for medicare or state disability, or you may need to find a job that would be suitable for your level of disability. I can understand that some arthritis is extremely crippling (had a cousin that was in a wheel chair because of it.) The first thing you do is contact a lawyer and see what your rights are to property, money in accounts or investments (this could differ from state-to-state.) I live in Canada and 1/2 of EVERYTHING goes to the wife seeking the divorce or the husband doing so. Either person in that house can buy-out their partner, but in most cases the house/property is sold and divided between the two. In Canada the wife has a right to her ex husband's 1/2 of Retirement, any accounts (even if it is in his name alone.) If a husband has a business of his own then 1/2 that is his wife's too. Even if your husband has your home in his name only your lawyer may find a loop hole so it's very important to seek legal advice. If there is nothing you can get from divorcing your husband you can apply for Disability. I work from home for a reason. My husband has a company on the side for doing contract spray jobs on large yachts. I have set-up a name for the business, do the work from home and get lots of tax dodges because of it. If you are fairly computer knowledgeable you could perhaps do work from your computer with pay of course. The future is ... working for companies from your home. Good luck