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How does one leave a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage with no job or job skills or money and suffering from arthritis?

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First, it's probably not a good idea to play the "sympathy card". A lot of people have Arthritis, and we don't go around acting like people should treat us any differently. Leave the relationship the same way you would if you DIDN'T have arthritis. You'll need to find a way to support yourself or find someone who will take care of you. You may need to sign up for medicare or state disability, or you may need to find a job that would be suitable for your level of disability. I can understand that some arthritis is extremely crippling (had a cousin that was in a wheel chair because of it.) The first thing you do is contact a lawyer and see what your rights are to property, money in accounts or investments (this could differ from state-to-state.) I live in Canada and 1/2 of EVERYTHING goes to the wife seeking the divorce or the husband doing so. Either person in that house can buy-out their partner, but in most cases the house/property is sold and divided between the two. In Canada the wife has a right to her ex husband's 1/2 of Retirement, any accounts (even if it is in his name alone.) If a husband has a business of his own then 1/2 that is his wife's too. Even if your husband has your home in his name only your lawyer may find a loop hole so it's very important to seek legal advice. If there is nothing you can get from divorcing your husband you can apply for Disability. I work from home for a reason. My husband has a company on the side for doing contract spray jobs on large yachts. I have set-up a name for the business, do the work from home and get lots of tax dodges because of it. If you are fairly computer knowledgeable you could perhaps do work from your computer with pay of course. The future is ... working for companies from your home. Good luck

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How do you live with a verbally and emotionally abusive husband?

You don't - either seek help through marriage counselling or through talking about it, or separate.

What do you do if you have an emotionally and verbally abusive friend?

Why would you call someone who is "emotionally and verbally abusive" - your "friend"? Abusers cannot be friends because they lack empathy and the ability to truly love someone else or relate to others!

My husband is verbally abusive?

If your husband is verbally and emotionally abusive, you can break the negative cycle by seeking the services of a family counselor or filing for divorce.

How do you get straight a's in high school?

wat kind of way straight emotionally , physically , or verbally

Is it possible to get custody of an unborn child if your wife is both verbally and emotionally abusive as well as emotionally unstable?

Custody cannot be established until a child is born.

Will your verbally emotionally and sometimes physically abusive husband ever change?

Sure, he's likely to get worse. Things won't get better unless you make it happen. Either leave him or make him go with you for marriage counseling. See where it goes from there.

How do you get your 7-year-old stepson to tell you how often his mother verbally abuses him without him telling her that you are questioning him?

You can begin talking, generally, about the effects children experience with being verbally and emotionally abused, including in the context of peer-to-peer bullying. Your child may never open up to you directly, but you can convey your feelings about knowing children are abused verbally and emotionally.

How do you know if you are being emotionally abused?

If you are feeling bad about the way you are treated or spoken to - and your pleas to stop this kind of behavior went unheeded - then you are being emotionally (verbally, psychologically) abused.

Im sick of being emotionally and verbally abused how to you turn it around on him?

Leave and let him find another victim.

Will an emotionally and verbally abusive man treat his future gfs better than his current one Is he more abusive to the ones he perceives to be more submissive or does not like as much?

i would love to know that for myself ive always wondered my ex use to verbally and emotionally and sometimes even physically abuse me

How can a child be abused?

Mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally, physically, and even legally if the system is used to abuse the child (eg visiting rights)

How can an emotionally mentally and verbally abused man get his kids back away from controling dangers mom?

Kill her! I repeat, kill her! Any questions? None? kill Her!

What do i do if i am being emotionally verbally and now physically abused?

Get help immediately, because no one should go through all that.

Do men and women have different reasons for infidelity?

Yes, For men it's mostly sex. For women it's mostly being unfulfilled emotionally , or being verbally or physically abused.

What are Things you like about the artwork?

well in art work you get to express yourself emotionally instead of verbally and like they always say a picture can mean a thousand words so ya .

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What makes us think your partner is cheating?

I trusted my ex, and knew that she never cheated. As for her view, if a piece ov gravel in the driveway was moved......I was cheating, and I was punished. Mentally, verbally, emotionally, and sometimes she got physical. She wouldn't trust me in a pine box six feet under. Which is where our marriage ended up, all because she didn't trust.

Is spitting at my partner considered as domestic violence?

No, it's just gross.----It isn't unless you combine it with other physically, emotionally, verbally, or sexually abusive behavior.YES it is Domestic Violence

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You think your boyfriend is emotionally abusive how do you know?

He will verbally abuse you by saying very hurtful things as well as play head games and constantly toy with your emotional state. It is best to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

Can a father bond with his son by verbally and emotionally abusing the mother of the son?

Although it's mentally unhealthy for everyone involved, the answer is yes. If the son and father share a mutual disgust for the mother they can bond in this fashion.

How can a woman know that she's verbally or emotionally abused by the husband?

If she is always walking on egg shells around him, or he is never happy or satisfied. If he has a pattern of abuse in his past. It could be that he watched his dad abuse his mom.

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