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Googoth is a skin of the popular website Google. Simply type Googoth into the query box and a slightly more depressing version of the website will be usable.

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Q: How does one make their Google page googoth?
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What is googoth?

Googoth is one of the many alternative Google "faces". There are, in fact many more. Some of them are these: Access In the search engine, type in any of the following and then hit Feel Lucky. Google Emo Google l33t Google bsd Google gothic Google Linux Google Easter egg Google communist Google black Google Hacker Google Elmer Google Piglatin Have Fun :o)

What are the other Google search engines for example googoth is one? this video contains all the information you seek...

Where can one find information on how to make google one's homepage?

You can find information on how to make Google your homepage by visiting the page make Google your homepage. It will have different directions based on what web browser you are currently using.

How do you make Google Chrome themes?

Go to this page (link is at the bottom of the page) and select a theme. I do not think you can make your own one but there is plenty of choice.

How do you make funny Google as your home page?

If you are talking about regular Google and use internet explorer, click the home icon and click one of the buttons to decide between a new home tab or Google as your only home page. You can do this with any page.

Where can one find the Google page creator?

You can find the Google page creator after creating a Google account and logging in under the More > Even More tabs located at the top of the page. You will also find it under Google's educational page under resources and page creator.

How do you get rid of tattoodoodle?

well one way is to go to the Google home page and at the bottom it says "make Google my home page" click that and Google the normal verison will become your home page i hope that helps =) that's what I did and it got rid of "tattoodoodle" or whatever its called but yep that should work hope i helped ya out =)

Why does Google come up with different search snippets for keywords targeted on one page?

Google comes up with different search snippets for the keywords targeted on one page because of the different page ranks.

How can one improve their privacy while using Google's services?

If one goes to their account page on Google, they should be able to change their privacy settings in order to make their browsing or email reading more secure.

How does one set the Google search engine as their home page?

You can set Google as your home page in most browsers by dragging the Google website tab to the Home icon located in the navigation UI of your browser. When prompted, click yes to set Google as your home page.

Is Google a website and a number?

Both. Google represents 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in numbers, and represents a popular search engine in websites.

Can google advanced search be located easily?

It isn't obvious, but it is on any google page. One the main page or a page already in the middle of a search will be a button with a gear on it. Clicking on that will bring up the option to switch to google advanced search.