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Q: How does one measure good composts?
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Is there a special logo for a restaurant that composts?

There is no universal special logo for a restaurant that composts.

Can crocuses grow in all composts?

No, crocuses cannot be grown in all composts. The flowering plants in question favor neutral soils and therefore must not be exposed to the more acid-loving of ericaceous composts. The best compost will be labeled specifically for flowering plants.

What substance is used in most composts bought in supermarkets and garden centers?

The substance used in most composts bought in supermarkets and garden centres is called peat.

How does a farmer get the smell out of pig poop to sell it as fertilizer?

he composts it

How do worms make compost?

I have no idea, but their composts are called castings.

Are tims cups biodegradeble?

nos. theys nots composts

How is one dimensional figures measured?

One dimension means you only need to measure once. A line is a good example. It has only one measure - length. ■

What are animals that your backyard would make a good shelter?

if you have a pond frogs and toads will visit andyou might see a hedgehog. composts are good for grass snakes. trresand bushes bring birds. but rats will visit if you leave out lots of food

What are the characteristics of a good measure of dispersion?

A good measure of dispersion is one such that the a goodness-of-fit test shows that the observed values agree well with the expected values.

What are the units to measure density?

Units to measure density are mass divided by volume. " kg/m3 " is a good one.

What tool helps you measure force?

A scale is a good one.

What should people do to recycle?

make a recycle bin for cans paper plastic you can also make composts

What are 3 devises used to measure angles?

one of them is called trignometry, one is a protractor and the other is a good question...

What is the difference between human-made and natural compost?

Agent and timing are the differences between human-made and natural composts. Human-made composts derive from the consumption and excretion of carbon- and nitrogen-rich recyclables by macro- and micro-organisms, with the support of air, moisture and temperature. Natural composts represent the weathering of rocks and stones by water, wildlife and wind to produce the same dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich organic matter called humus under Mother Nature's guidance (versus compost through human involvement).

What is the measure of a good person?

A measure of a good person is how well they treat others.

How many people compost in the world?

nobody composts because people are heartless people who dont care about anything environmentally

How can you measure a horse using only your body parts?

In a way yes.. You measure from the ground to the withers in hands 1 hand equals four inches. So if you measure your fingers and one of them equal four inches, you could measure a horse! Good luck!

Can a tape measure measure can be good to measure the length of what?

everything execpt for the earth

What has the author R J W Dight written?

R. J. W. Dight has written: 'Blocking composts'

How many cups are in one lb of sugar?

A good estimate would be 2 cups. Cups is a measure of volume. Pounds is a measure of weight and mass. You can not directly convert the two.

What composts naturally?

Mother Nature doesn't compost, She mulches. But, anything that is from the Earth, will return to it, eventually. Put matter in a pile and eventually you will have compost.

What are the disadvantages in using charcoal as a fertilizer?

Charcoal has no feeding value whatsoever it is used in potting composts to assist drainage and keep the compost sweet.

how does one do a vertical jump?

To do a vertical jump, one needs to leap and get one's center of gravity straight up in the air. This can be a good measure for how high one can jump from a standstill position.

What is a good unit to measure the area of a room in a house?

Square feet is a good unit to measure the area of a room in a house.

What is the measure of a person?

A measure of a good person is how well they treat others.