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Quit Claim Deeds are often mistaken as "quick claim deeds". To perform a Quit Claim Deed one must find the current property deed and find the property's parcel number. Then one must actually prepare the new deed, a process which can either be explained in detail online or can be taken to a professional to be helped with. Sometime countries and/or states have specific ways to formate a deed, so be sure to research information specific to your location. Finally the deed will need to be signed by the Grantor and any other important parties; the signatures wil have to be notarized to be considered legal.

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Q: How does one perform a quick claim deed?
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How do you fill out a quick claim deed?

First of all, although it is often times called a "quick claim deed", it is actually called a "quit-claim deed". What one is doing who is transferring real property via a quit-claim deed is quitting or giving up whatever claim they have in the property. A quit-claim deed, therefore, can be a risky way of purchasing property when compared to using title insurance.From there, the process depends on state law. The Grantor is the person who is quitting their claim, the Grantee is the one who is receiving the claim.

If a husband and wife are both listed on the deed for a house can one refinance without the others knowledge?

no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house? no, it is illegal both on the house - both have to sign one can sign a quick claim deed and then the other can refi the house?

What happens if quit claim deed is executed and before it is recorded an attorney lien is recorded on the property although the person owing the debt is the one who executed the quit claim deed and th?

The lien is valid. A quit claim deed merely transfers the seller's interest in the property; it doesn't guarantee that the deed is free of any encumbrances - for that, one needs a warranty deed.

Is it illegal to quick claim deed to someone other than family?

To start with, it is a "quit" claim deed. And basically you are relinquishing your share of the property to someone else. This usually happens when there are two names on the deed and one wants out of ownership. They usually quit claim deed their share to the other person on the deed. Family has nothing to do with it. The only thing that MIGHT affect this transfer is if it was agreed upon prior to taking ownership of the property that it can only be transferred to someone within the family. Rare, but who knows, this stipulation might exist. In most states one tenant by the entirety cannot transfer their interest in the property.

Gave xwife a quick claim 15 years ago and never got anything for my part on property I signed only one quick claim but had two homes Is there anything I can do now Or is it to late?

Too late. The quitclaim deed conveyed the property and any structures on it unless you reserved the right to move them.

What is the difference between a limited warranty deed and a quitclaim deed?

my mom had my dad sign a quick claim deed she later dies and he had tryed to sell property every one moved because they found out they could not buy property legally. he wont take it to probate court he wont disclose the will or revocable trust ,so he finally quick claim deeded the property for a sum of money. I know my mother left property to us kids but now the taxes are in someone elses name. cant i just move in the neighbors call police and i show them the quick claim deed they tell me to get the persons name on taxes for tresspassing. i dont know what to do I have not alot of money for attorney will I just loose my mothers home?

How do you file a quit claim deed and who can file it for you?

A quit claim deed is a very simple form, you can probably get one online or at the courthouse or a title company. Anyone can file the deed, it is just a matter of taking it to the court house and paying the fees.

Can a judge nullify a quit claim deed?

Yes, a judge can declare a deed null and void under certain circumstances such as an owner executing a deed to avoid creditors, fraud by one of the parties to the deed, undue influence or forgery.

What is a quit deed?

A quit claim deed has to do with property. It is a term used to describe when one gives up all rights to a property that they own.

If a spouse is awarded the home in a divorce do they need a quit claim deed to record a new title if the former spouse refuses to sign the quit claim deed?

If the spouse is awarded the property in the Divorce Decree and it is referenced by the proper legal description, that should suffice and any title company would insure the property as belonging to the awarded party. In the State of Texas, a Quit Claim Deed is NOT a method of conveyance of real property, it is however a method for one to "quit their claim" on property and is used widely for that purpose. Some attorneys will make a Deed part of the divorce proceedings to be sure the document is executed and can be recorded, some attorneys just don't do this extra step. It would be best to have a Warranty Deed signed instead as that is the proper method of conveyance and will cover most any question that may arise on a Title Search. In the case of one party must pay the other party half or part of the value of the property to be sole owner, and Owelty Deed would be signed. It is a common mis-conception that a Quit Claim Deed (often called a Quick Claim Deed) is quicker and cheaper when in fact they cost the same to prepare, and usually the same to record as recording charges are calculated by the number of pages of the document. I didn't not "sign in" to answer this question, but my email address is

Is a warranty deed needed along with a quit claim deed when transferring property to a love one?

A warranty deed guarantees that a property owner has the clear title to a property and the right to sell it. Quit Claim assigns and interest to the property. Check with your state laws, but in many states the QC is enough.

If 2 people are on the deed and one moves out can the person who moved out be taken off the homeowners policy?

Did the person that moved out sign a quit claim deed? If not then they will probably have to remain on the policy.

Can you quitclaim deed property to another person if their is more then one person on the original deed?

You can execute a 'quit claim' deed. It means that the person on the quit claim deed is giving all their rights to the property to the other person. It does not affect the rights of the other people on the deed.

Who is grantee in quit claim deed if to one person OR another person?

A deed to two people should not use the word "or". The grantee in a deed must be clearly stated. If the property is transferred to two people they must both be listed as the grantees.

What are my rights if I am a heir and a successor trustee to my mothers estate when the one heir want to quit deed and the other heir want to sell the family property?

quit claim deed prevails

Can one sibling have grant deed changed to his name before probate and claim property as his own?

The sibling does not have the right to change a grant deed. Only the property owner can make such a change.

Quit Claim Deed?

Quit Claim Deed(Download)I, ______________, of _____________, _______, the grantor, for and in consideration of one dollars ($1), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged conveys and quitclaims to ________________ of ________, ________, all interest which I (we) have, if any, in the following described real estate:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dated: ______________________, 20____________Witnesses:______________________________________________Name:______________________________________________Name:Before me, the undersigned notary, ______________ acknowledged before me that ______________ executed this warranty deed as their free act and deed, and that the witnesses stated above witnessed at the request of ______________ the execution of this deed intending to be bound thereby._______________________________________________NotaryMy Commission Expires on:Quit Claim DeedReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. The Quit Claim Deed should be notarized and filed with the appropriate local registry of deeds.1. Make multiple copies. Give one to the signatory and the recipient should keep one with the appropriate file after recording it with the local registry of deeds.

What is Inter-spousal Grant Deed?

An inter-spousal grant deed is a document that legally transfers property from one spouse to the other to. There are many ways to accomplish a property transfer, but two of the most common ways to transfer property in a divorce are through an inter spousal transfer deed or quit claim deed.

When is a quit claim deed legal?

A deed is legal when it has been properly executed by the grantor unless there is fraud or they don't own the property. A legal quit claim deed is one that is properly drafted for its jurisdiction, properly executed by the grantor and the grantor owns, or believes they own, an interest in the property. A title examination performed by a professional can confirm if the grantor is the owner of the property.

How do i get a Example of a quit claim deed fill out already?

Go to your local land records office and look through the deed books for quitclaim deeds. Then, hope you pick one that's drafted properly to copy.

What is the Nuremberg defense?

Sometimes the nickname Nuremberg defence is used of the claim that one did the deed but was acting under orders.

In a divorce situation in Florida should both the husband and wife be grantors on a quit-claim deed when conveying the property to one of the spouses as grantee?

Only the spouse who will not be getting the property needs to be a grantor on the deed. In essence, one of the spouses is surrendering their share of the property over to the other.

How do you file a quit claim deed from a deceased parent when there is no will and one child involved?

The property cannot be transferred by deed. The estate must be probated in order for title to the real property to pass to the child. You need to contact a probate attorney in your area.

Can a person be forced to sign a corrective quit claim deed if an error was made in the legal description of the first quit claim deed?

Yes. However, the only entity that can force the grantor to make the correction is a judge. You should contact the attorney who represented you at your time of purchase. If you were not represented by an attorney, you need to hire one now.

Can a mortgage company revoke a quit claim deed?

If there is a mortgage, where both people have the responsibility to pay, they may opt to not accept the quit claim. Easiest thing to do is to refinance in one name.AnswerYour question needs more detail. A deed cannot be "revoked" by a mortgage company.