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W-d 40 On A Rag, It Works On My Leather Jackets. Test In A Non-Visible Spot First In Case Of Color Change.

WD-40 Didn't Work For Me, Nor Did Leather Cleaner.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Is Sold At Grocery Stores. It Is A Amazing Product.


Magic Eraser Did Not Work Very Well In My Case.


Have You Tried Hair Spray? (I Have A Four Year Old)


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Q: How does one remove pen marks from the leather seats?
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Where can one purchase leather car seats?

One can purchase leather car seats from the following websites: Katzkin, Alpha Line Auto, eBay, Leather Car Seats Specialists, Cars Direct, Leather Seats, Auto Anything, Auto Accessories Garage, to name a few.

Can cars have leather on the floor boards?

No, they only place a car has leather is on the seats, dash board, sometimes the steering wheel and the glove box between the seats. Actually one could have anything one wants on the floor of a car, leather, fur , carpet , vinyl , tile, etc.. The material that is put in the interior of a car is one of personal choice, or comfort.

What are the importance of leather craft industry?

At one time, all shoes had leather soles. Most fine footwear has leather tops for durability. All saddles are leather. Horse tack is leather. Leather is a durable material used as a covering for furniture. Fine automobiles have leather seats and interiors.

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How do you remove font seat Volvo 240?

For 1978 and 1979 models at least you can remove the seats simply by removing four bolts underneath the seats, one at each corner. If you have heated seats you will have to worry about wiring, I have no experience with that or with later models.

How do you remove the speaker grill of a 1996 Maxima?


Where can one get advice on how to remove stretch marks?

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Can we replace the Captain seats with a bench in the 2000 Ford Windstar sel?

Swapping the seats is possible. When you remove one of the captains chairs, you'll note there is another set of seat latch hooks in the floor - those are positioned for the bench style. My 2001 came with the bench-style captains chairs with the built-in console - I always wanted to trade with someone who had individual captains chairs... Happen to have gray leather seats? ;)

How do you remove the front seats on a 98 grand am?

Should be 4 bolts--one in each corner

What are the best seat covers for a 2000 Honda Civic ex?

Non- leather racing seats. (Source I owned one. look very good.

How do you remove the front seats from a 2000 Toyota Celica?

Should be 4 bolts (one in each corner)

How can you remove scuff marks from lino?

Use an eraser,or get one of those majic erasers by mr. clean.

What are the differences between Toyota land cruisers gx and vx?

one comes with turbo intercooler(Vx) the other one no, and some other difference as leather seats, wheels sunroof etc.

How do you remove the headrests on a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

At the top of the seats, where the headrests go into the seats, one of the bases has a button on the side. Just press and hold this button and slide the headrests out!

How do you remove the seats on a 1977 Corvette?

Four bolts hold the seats in. Pull the seat all the way forward & remove the two bolts behind the seat (one each side). Push the seat all the way back & remove the front bolts. The seat should come right out (mine did!).

How do you remove passenger seat from a 2000 Corvette?

I have a 2004 and I haven't tackled that one yet but I know of some guys that remove and install race seats and all. These guys can help you. I

How can you remove ink from leather couch?

try vinegar to remove ink from leather couch Please do not use this method to remove ink from your leather as it could damage the finish on the leather Hope this helps If you have a leather couch that has the type of dye that will lighten after you get it wet with shorts fom the swimming pool or a wet towel after a shower and you need to clean or strip it then CitriStrip paint remover is the one that get's it done. My couch had an olive stain on it over a creamy base. I applied the Citri Strip that I got at Ace Hardware on it and whoo-hoo it came right off. Now i have nice creamy leather couches. Use Murphy's Oil soap after you are finished to condition it.

How can you remove paint from a leather couch?

These type of cleaner pads are not really safe to use on leather as they are abrasive and can remove the finish or pigment along with the dye transfer.. Dye transfer on leather can be removed using a leather safe cleaner like LTT Maxi Cleaner which was developed for that type of problem. If it cannot be removed with this then the problem is a technical one rather than a cleaning one and should be resolved by a qualified technician. Use acetone. It'll eat it right out. And probably the couch material as well.

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How do you remove front seats on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

Should be 4 bolts (one in each corner) Should be 4 bolts (one in each corner)

Is dura leather the same as bonded leather?

Yes, durablend leather is the same thing as bonded leather. These types of leather are glued together to make one large piece of leather.

How do you remove the center console of a 2007 Nissan Altima?

Take the front seats out. There are two screws in plain sight at the back of the center console. Take those out. At the very front of the center console (near the firewall) there is a panel on each side. It pops off. held in by clips. Take those off. When you remove those panels you will see a screw there. Remove that screw (one on each side). On the gear shifter, pull down on the chrome piece underneath the leather covered shifter. It just slides down. You will see a horseshoe clip holding the leather piece on. Remove it. the leather piece simply lifts off. the trim around the gear shifter is held in by clips. Lift it up. There is one wire to unplug. The storage pocket is held in by clips. Pull it directly forward. It will come out. there are two screws inside the opening where the storage pocket was. Remove those. Gently lift the console up a bit. There are two wiring harnesses to unplug. Unplug those. Then remove the center console.

Can you iron leather pants?

One camp says that you cannot use a regular iron to remove wrinkles from leather. You can use a steamer or steam press. Most dry cleaners can handle leather but it's not cheap. Others say that you can use a regular iron on the Rayon setting and using heavy brown wrapping paper between the iron and leather

How do you remove the floor carpet on a rover 75?

Carpet is one piece, without resorting to cutting it out you need to remove seats/centre console and anything else thats screwed or bolted through it.

How do you replace rear speakers on a 1997 500sl Mercedes?

You have to remove the rear seats to be able to remove the rear side panels. Then you have to disconnect the wires to the speaker, unscrew the speaker, then reinstall the new one.