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QuikI own a 1997 Z71 K1500 and just recently replaced the rotors. If they are similar, and I would assume they are, then you do the following after scotching the vehicle and lifting the front end:1) remove the wheel, 2) using an Allen wrench loosen the brake calipers. there are two bolts located on the back side of the cailper. 3) slide the caliper up and off being careful not to let it hang by the brake line. 4) once the caliper is secured you can simply pull off the rotor and replace with a new one. then repeat the process in reverse. be sure to check your pads to ensure they do not need replacing and test drive.

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This does not work for the K2500 or 3500. On these you must first (easier with the tire on) remove the large spindle nut and washer then remove wheel, then the caliper, then the 4 bolts on the back of the casting that holds the brake assembly (15mm socket). Then pull the whole assembly (bearing, hub and rotor) out. (unplug the rotation counter wire), remove the sensor in the bearing hub with an Allen wrench, drive out the wheel studs, the rotor will now lift off of the bearing housing. replace the rotor and reassemble. now would be a good time to check your lower ball joints. Be sure to draw the studs into the bearing assembly and rotor fully as they are a tight fit.

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Q: How does one replace the front brake rotors on a '97 2500 series Chevy pick-up with 4wd?
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