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remove inside pannel you will see 3 nuts behind mirror remove and mirror will come out install new

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โˆ™ 2008-09-10 13:38:51
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Q: How does one replace the passenger side exterior mirror on a 94 Olds 88?
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How to replace heater core in a 1996 olds achieva sl?

To replace most heater cores you have to remove the dash on the passenger side.

How do you remove the door panel of a 1996 olds 98 to replace the side mirror?

remove door panel. disconect electrical connections and unbolt the mirror using a 10mm socket

How do you replace the driver side mirror on a 1999 Olds Aurora?

You can replace them with original replacement parts sold on eBay or aftermarket side mirrors sold in reputable auto parts shop.

What is the exterior trim on bottom called 97 olds cutlass?

rocker panels

How do you get the pivot or rivet off of the passenger side hood hinge of a 92 Olds 98 so you can replace the broken hinge?

If it is a rivet, then you must drill the old rivet out.

Which Olds replace the Achieva?


How do you replace a starter on a 1998 olds cutlass?

how do you replace a starter on a 1998 cutlass

How do you replace the thermostate on a 1988 olds v6?

how do you change a thermostat on a olds cutlass supreme 1983

Can you switch one ecm with another out of the same type car 1993 olds cutlass supreme?

i need to replace the ecm on a 1993 olds cutlass supreme,can i replace it with another ecm from another olds cutlass?

How do you replace the oil pump on a 1998 Olds Bravada?

== ==

Where is the blower resistor for a 2001 Olds Alero is it hard to replace cost of part?

It's under the dash on the passenger side. It's fairly easy to replace, lots of how's to out there on the internet. Cost of the part should range from 20-30 depending on the brand you go with.

Where is the high blower circuit on a 2001 Olds Silhouette?

If the position #5 (high) blower is not working, it is the small resisitor assembly on the blower motor housing under the passenger side dash. Very easy to replace.

Fuel Filter location on a 1995 Olds aurora?

frame rear passenger side

How do you replace a heater core on a 93 olds 98?

how do you replace a heater core in a 91 Oldsmobile 98

How do you replace a axle on a 95 olds cutlass supreme?

How do you replace a axle on a 95 holds cutlass supreme

How do you fix a loose side mirror for a 1999 olds alero?

had the same problem with mine on the passenger side... the mirror was loose from the base?... i used super glue. i beleave that there is a small tab on the inside of the mirror that keeps it snug. they are ment to take a bend or flex incase of someone leaning up against the mirror. instead of it breaking off it flexs and then goes back into place. but mine stayed loose. so i glued it. but it it gets flexed again. the glue will not be to strong to keep it from doing what its sapossed to do.

What can you do the heater blows warm on the drivers side but is like an ac on the passenger side in a 95 olds?

I have the same problem with my 95 olds 98 regency, did you find anything out?

What causes 1999 Olds Aurora exterior lights blink even when ignition key is removed?

your alarm system seems to me to be malfunctioning.

How do you replace the cables to your car battery?

By removing the olds ones first

How do you replace the washer pump on a 86 olds 98?

Get a hammer, and break it

Where is the computer module on a 1991 olds 88?

It's usually located against the firewall, in the passenger compartment, below and behind the glove compartment door, passenger side.

Where is the power steering reservoir?

On an Olds Silhouette it is under the cover for the wiper arms on the passenger side of the van

On a 1993 olds cutlass supreme where would you find the blower or heater fan?

At the firewall on the passenger side

What tools do you need to replace your water pump on a 1996 olds ciera?

how to change water pump on 1996 olds ciera and what tools do i nees

Replacing a water pump on a 2003 olds alero 2.2 liter?

replace a water pump on a 2004 olds alero 2.2 litler