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if you have the module off take it to a parts store(autozone/advanced auto,or whatever you have around your location) they should be able to test it for free. you may also want to check your pick up coil/coil and distributer.

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Q: How does one test an ignition module for an 1998 Lumina with a 31 engine no spark at the plugs?
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Why wouldn't a '91 lumina have spark after changing plugs wires and ignition module?

Bad coils or perhaps a bad crankshaft position sensor.

Where are Mercedes vaneo spark plugs located?

At the front of the engine, behind a plastic cover, just above the exhaust manifold. There are 4 clips that hold the cover to the ignition module. Under the cover, there are 2 bolts that secure the ignition module to the engine. Disconnect the wiring plug on the end of the ignition module. Undo the bolts and use them to extract the module, then remove the plugs as normal.

Can a ignition module make a car shake?

If a defective ignition module, (or bad plugs/ wires) causes a misfire condition, one or more plugs won't fire. The uneven power pulses cause engine shaking.

Where is the ignition module 1984 Corvette?

The ignition module is located in the distributor under the rotor, it plugs in.

Where is the ignition module located?

The ignition module is located between the starter and the spark plugs on most vehicles.

Where is the ignition module located 1984 corvette?

The ignition module is located in the distributor under the rotor, it plugs in.

Where is the ignition module on an 1987 Crown Victoria?

the ignition module is on the distributer(the thing all the spark plugs wires go to)

Where is ignition control module on 2002 Saturn SL2?

In the front of the motor by the transmission dipstick. This is where your spark plugs from the engine go.

1995 Chevy k15000 57L TBI no spark changeds ignition module coil cap rotor wires and plugs could it be a fautly module out of the box?

more apt to be the engine control module

Where are the spark plugs located in citroen Picasso 1.8 16v?

Spark plugs are hidden under the plastic engine cover. You have to remove the ignition module as well which fits over the four spark plugs.

Freeze plugs on a 96 lumina?

Freeze plugs in a 96 Lumina are located at several places on the engine block. They are designed to expand and burst in a freeze instead of the engine being damaged.

How do you change spark plugs on grand am quad 4?

I have a '95 grand am quad 4, 2.3 liter engine. The 2.3 quad 4 engine has the spark plugs underneath the ignition module cover, which is the cover that has "Quad 4" written on it. You have to remove this cover to get to the spark plugs. To remove the cover, you have to first unplug the negative batter cable and then unplug the crankshaft sensor from the ignition module housing. The cranshaft sensor is the plug that is to the top right of the ignition module housing. After you have unplugged the sensor, you have to unscrew the four bolts that are on top of the ignition module cover. After you've done that, you can lift the cover directly up. This disconnects it from the spark plugs. When purchasing new spark plugs, make sure you get the right ones for the engine, adn you can ask the guys at the shop to set the correct gap for you.

Where is the ignition control module for 1997 Chevy Cavalier 2.4L?

The ignition control module is located under the electronic ignition control module cover. On a 1997 2.4L cavalier, it will have the words 2.4L twin cam stamped on it. It is on the top of the engine and is held in place with four bolts. This cover must be removed to get to the spark plugs.

Where is the ignition control module located on a 1992 Chevy Berretta?

ignition module is located under the distributor, where the spark plugs come out to go to the spark plugs, remove 6 bolts that hold the 3 capped distributor on, unplug the wires from both ends of module, 3 plugs, lift module out, nothing holds it in after distributor is removed, plug new module in, replace distributor.

No spark Ford Escort what should I do?

Please check your spark plugs,wires,distributor and rotor or the ignition coil module. My '93 LX has an ignition coil module.

Where are the spark pluges on 2001 Chevy Lumina?

Without an engine size we guess but if you can't see them then they're under the center plastic cover of the engine. Cover will have coils,wire boots, module & plugs under it.

Do you have to go through the steering column to replace an ignition module?

Are you talking about the electronic ignition module or the ignition switch? The ignition module sits in the engine compartment and is part of the ignition system (coil, spark plugs, etc). The answer is no if this about what you're referring. The answer for the ignition switch will depend on the vehicle you have. Some, like late model Fords, you don't. Push in the retaining pin and the ignition switch comes right out (you still need a key though). Others you need to take off the steering wheel to replace the switch.

Where is the ignition module for a 2000 alero?

The ignition module is right underneath the ignition coils. The ignition coils are what the spark plugs attach to. My alro was riding really rough so i just changed my coils and module for $200 and it runs like new. All you do is unplug the wires, unscrew the coils(6 bolts) and there is your module. :) Hope this helps!!

Have fire up to the ignition module no fire going to the plugs what can be done to find out the problems?

No fire going to the plugs from distributor have fire up to the module none coming out what do I check for next

Where is and what does the ignition module on a 1993 Saturn SL?

The ignition module is under the ignition coils The coils are bolted to the frt of the transmission housing. Follow the ignition wires to the coils The coils are bolted to the module underneath The module control spark to the spark plugs. It sends the required signal to the coil as to when to fire t then fires and "sends" the spark through the ignition wire to the spark plug

What type of engine uses compression ignition as it has no spark plugs?

a diesel engine uses compression and has no need of spark plugs

How do you change spark plugs on a 1993 Chevy Lumina?

Spark Plugs on a LuminaSee the related questions to the right. HOW DO YOU CHANGE THE SPARKS PLUGS ON A 1993 CHEVY LUMINA APV 3.8L 231-V6 ENGINE (an van)

Where is the ignition module located on a 1990 Chevy Caprice?

inside the distributor cap. there should be 2 sets of plugs that go to your distributor, those plugs go directly into ur ignitions module

What does it mean if you are not getting fire to the spark plugs?

Your ignition module may be out. Or your distributor is out. What kind of vehicle?

Chevy Lumina Euro 3.1 v6 Engine cutting out?

my 93 lumina was cutting out and i cahnged the fuel filter and spark plugs and it runs good