How does one use WikiAnswers?

The most basic of WikiAnswers:

Asking Questions:

You can type in a question in the "Enter question or phrase..." bar by clicking "Ask," and then typing in your question. Please use good, appropriate, and clean language when doing so.

Next, you can look over the related questions; if one of them is similar or the same (preferable) then click on the question and click "Yes, this is my question," and the said question will open in the same window and/or tab, and your question will be added as an alternate wording for the one you clicked on. If not, but you still want to see the questions, click "No, but show me anyways." It'll open in a new window (new tab if you set your browser that way) -- so don't worry!

If none of the related questions match and/or you are not interested in them, you can now edit any spelling, punctuation, form and grammar mistakes you may have made, and even change the question completely! When you click "Submit Question," a categorizing window will appear. You can categorize it appropriately (see related links and find "Edit Categories" in "How to Contribute." Now, just wait for an answer! Please note that asking and categorizing the question accurately will help it be answered quicker and more easily.

Answering Questions:

If a question is unanswered, you can click "Answer Question" and answer it. If it is answered but you want to add your answer/opinion, click "Improve Answer." [There is a lot more to answering/improving answers, so please see related links.] Please follow all guidelines in answering/editing questions.

Please follow and do not break any guidelines/rules, and take the extra time to make questions and/or answers clean, legitimate, worthwhile, and good.

Please see related links below for more information. (When at the Help Center, click on the section "How to Contribute" in "Contributing.")