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Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects the DNA of all surface-dwelling (and near-surface-dwelling ocean) life. In our atmosphere, ozone is found in varying concentrations at different altitudes, with the highest concentration (the "ozone layer") located in the lower stratosphere. Ozone inhaled can cause damage and constriction in the airways. It behaves similarly for our food supplies, reducing crop yields (plants breathe through their leaves). It can kill, improperly applied. So ozone in high concentrations (>0.05 ppm) in the troposphere is considered a pollutant. Ozone and other powerful oxidants are produced in tiny amounts by white blood cells in fighting infections. Likewise, marigolds produce ozone from their roots when predators attack the roots. Ozone rinses (ozone dissolved in water... not liquid ozone) have been used on teeth in Europe, where it kills all the bacteria that attack teeth. Ozone rinses have been used in rebuilding cartilage in back injuries and damaged knees. Ozonated ointments have been used to fight local infections for short periods. Ozone is used to sterilize the water some of us drink (both municipal and bottled), and the bottles that we may drink it from. The ozone layer protects the skin from short wwave UV that can cause mutation and skin cancer. Human skin is largely impervious to tropospheric ozone (but lungs are not). The name "ozone layer" refers to a region near the bottom of the stratosphere where there is sufficient oxygen and enough energetic UV that ozone can be formed. Tropospheric ozone (such as in a room or a city) aggrevates Asthma, ages rubber (tires, carpet backing), destroys / damages a plant's ability to make oxygen, inflames lung tissue and so on. Ozone's affects on health are well documented. But nothing lives (that we depend on) at the bottom of the stratosphere. It keeps the sun's most harmful rays from reaching the earth. If we destroy it, we will burn... it is very beneficial, in other words! I hope this helped!!

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How is ozone harmful to us?

See "How does ozone affect human health?"See "Is ozone harmful to health?"

Why is the ozone important for skin?

See "How does ozone affect human health?"

How do fluorocarbon's effect human health?

They deplete ozone. This causes affect to human health.

How does ozone affect human heath?

The ozone affects the human health. It is due to its property to enter the human skin.

How would the depletion of the ozone layer affect human health?

The depletion of ozone is in variance with human health. More UV's more deterioration.

Why ozone is a pollutant?

See "How does ozone affect human health?" in the "Related questions" section below.

How does ozone in water affect human health?

Ozone in water depletes plankton. It causes global warming. It affects humans health.

Why is ozone a harmful gas?

See "How does ozone affect human health?" in the "Related questions" section below.

How does the depletion of ozone layer affect the human health?

The depletion of ozone layer causes:SKin cancerSuppression of immune systemEye cataract.

If the ozone layer is reduced what will be the important impact on human health?

If the ozone is reduced, it will have an important impact on human health. The impact would be negative.

How might the depletion of the ozone layer affect human health?

The depletion of ozone layer can cause a number of problems to human beings. The main of them being skin cancer, eye cataract and suppression of immune system.

What are the effects of the Ozone Hole?

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What human activities affect the ozone layer?

Burning plastic,as it releases greenhouse gasses which affect the ozone layer

How do human activities affect atmospheric ozone?

Human activities can alter the ozone layer. They can do it by releasing CFC's into the atmosphere.

How does ozone effect human?

Ozone affect human as it forms a layer of ozone molecules in atmosphere. The molecules absorb the UV rays protecting the humans.

How does bad ozone affect human health?

There are numerous health effects that can be caused by deterioration of the ozone layer, but they all center around the respiratory tract. Symptoms of exposure include coughing, shortness of breath, and difficulty taking deep breaths.

List the names of five organisms which affect human health?

five organism that affect human health

Points by which human health is affected?

Human health is not just affected by ozone depletion. Global warming can also lead to it.

How does the thinning of the ozone layer affect your health?

The thinning of ozone layer affects our health very much. It suppresses our immune system to great extent.

What are the effects on human health of decrease in stratosphere ozone?

The health effects associated with ozone are:Suppression of immune systemEYe cataractSKin cancer.

How does the ozone hole affect your health?

Yes, it does. It can cause various problems.

Does cats fizzy affect human health?

Does cats fizzy affect human

What are consequences to human health of extreme ozone layer depletion?

The consequences to human health are many. Altering a DNA goes as fatal as it sounds.

How human activities affect the ozone layer?

Humans release CFC's into the atmosphere. They cause depletion in the ozone layer.

How does the depletion of good Ozone affect human healthy and the environment?

The depletion of good ozone is not good. It can alter our DNA's.

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