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How does a snake attracked a mate?

The females give of pheromones.

How do millipedes communicate?

Millipedes communicate by releasing hormones and pheromones. These pheromones can signal that a millipede is ready to mate for example.

How does a dog attract its mate?

When the female comes into heat she broadcasts pheromones.

What is the stock symbol for paper-mate?


What is the name of that spider that releases pharamones to knock out theyre mate in order to mate with them?

A funnel spider releases pheromones. They have t do this in order to knock out there mate so they can mate.

How do armadillos attract a mate?

The body of the female releases pheromones when she is disposed to mate. The males smell these and are attracted to search out the origin of the odor and then mates with her.

What do shrimp bugs look like?

Look in the mirror mate

What does it look like when unicorns mate?

I would guess just it does when horses mate

How do you get your male hamster to mate with your female?

pheremones, probably. Put female pheromones on you're female, and the male will be atracted.

What does the Aztec god chalchiuhtlicue look like?

She looks like Norma, mate!

What is the mode of Reproduction of Butterflies?

A female butterfly releases pheromones and a male will come to her. They link their abdomens tail to tail to mate.

What does a pocket look like on club penguin?

no one knows mate

Can cousins bunnies mate?

yes, they can and they will, they are not too particular who they mate with, as long as they are cute and have long ears and look like rabbits!

Who will be Lionblaze's mate and what will be his kits names and what will they look like?

Lionblazes mate will either be Icecloud or Cinderheart. We do not know if he'll have kits.

How do snakes talk to eachother?

No. The only real communication that most snakes use is pheromones which are chemicals that snakes of opposing genders find 'sexy.' Emission of these pheromones signals 'I'm ready to mate.' Otherwise, most snakes are solitary and have no reason to communicate.

How does a ladybug find a mate?

Ladybugs use pheromones to attract a mate. Some companies actually market a product called "Eau de Ladybug" a pheromone-based liquid that can help you attract ladybugs into your garden.

What does it look like when grass hoppers mate?

it looks very discussing and weird

What functions do pheromones perform?

Pheromones are very important chemical messages that animals use to communicate to each other. Generally, pheromones tell animals of the same species a) the state of reproductive readiness (Male elk for example can tell if a female is ready to mate by smelling her urine to see if there are certain pheromones present indicating that she is ready) or b) the emotional state of the animal (sometimes fish release fear pheromones into the water to warn other fish of a predator) Pheromones are typically inhaled by animals, and the brain determines what the pheromone means. Even humans can interpret what a pheromone means, even though we are not really aware that we are smelling a pheromone.

When a donkey and a horse mate what does the offspring look like?

It depends on what markings the horse and the donkey have.

Do pandas like company?

No. They are solitary animals. Only look for another panda to mate.

How do armadillos find and identity mates?

When females are disposed to mating, they release pheromones into the air which are detected by male armadillos who follow the scent to the origin and mate with the female.

Where are you suppose to get cheap neon clothes that arent like from the 70s but still look like they are?

down the market mate

Is the ink in Paper Mate pens toxic?

Paper Mate is a world wide company that did have very mephitical products. Since then they have changed their product and are now completely safe.

How do pigs mate?

The Same Way Humans Do But They Look Like They Ride Each Other Instead

What does the great khalis wife look like?

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