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Popuation effects the habitat because car fuel for example if too many people use cars often it can effect the animals and plants which they eat.

Some animals habitats are in cold countries like the North Pole and when we use are heating and turn it up to high all the smoke travels around the world and sometimes gets so hot it can melt the snow.

That is why we should all do are bit for the enviroment.

Thankz hope this answered your question. :)

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by pollution and cutting trees

Yes, humans do affect the polar habitats. Pollution is one of the ways we can have an adverse effect the polar habitat. Global warming is another way we can affect the polar habitat.

Pollution of marine habitat can cause disease of fish that humans may ultimatley concume.

well pollution can effects wild life and their habitat take lizards for example if they lose a source of water due to pollution they will starve of thirst

yes. obviously. humans affect all environments by pollution.

it will produce pollution then eventually affect living things habitat that will cause food chain problems too.

polllution affects habitats because some animals can confuse them for food and culd die, and also some pollution can not break down, which makes matters worse

Pollutants negatively affect a drainage basin. Pollution contaminates drinking water, destroys wildlife habitat, closes beaches, kills fish and causes many other serious environmental and public health problems.

Environmental pollution is the introduction of contaminants into a habitat that causes harm, instability, disorder or discomfort to the living organisms in the habitat.

Humans affect the tiger's habitat by hunting them. Also of all the pollution that is put in their habitat. Thanks to people who care about the tigers and want to make a difference we still have tigers. But if we stop caring about them sooner or later they will all die out. We need to save and protect these magnificent creatures with all of our strength.

How pollution from one location can affect the environment far away from the source of pollution

Air pollution, food pollution and rarely water pollution can affect the fetus adversely.

Air PollutionWater PollutionLand PollutionNoise Pollution

pollution and habitat loss.

Water pollution can affect land animals because when they drink it they get sick. It can affect aquatic life by different things depending on what kind of pollution it is

We affect the earth by pollution

pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

The only problem that the sea anemone encounters in its habitat, aside from predators, is pollution. Pollution interferes with both reproduction and the exchange of oxygen.

It cant because they are both the same thing and they cant affect each other.

Pollution can damage an ecosystem. Pollution can cause plants and other organisms to die, which will affect the circle of life in a particular ecosystem.

Factors that affect the environment include, but are not limited to, toxic pollution, visual pollution, noise pollution, and traffic congestion.

A consequence of land pollution is the destruction of the soil by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides which will enter into the food chain effecting agriculture. Land pollution can also extinct species due to habitat fragmentation and habitat destruction.

it kills fishes and damages their habitat

humans because of our expansion and pollution

Light pollution doesn't affect the stars, it affects how well we can observe them from Earth.

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