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How does president have the powers over congress?


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The president has powers over congress because he is in gharg of everything so that makes him in charge of congress

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President doesnt check the powers of congress, congress checks the powers of the President

Powers given to the president by congress are called expressed powers.

The President has Executive powers, Congress has Legislative powers.

Congress and the President both have significant authority over defense and foreign affairs. While Congress has most of the lawmaking power, the President can issue a veto.

To declare war, the President is supposed to get permission from Congress. But the President can order a "police action" that is equivalent to a war, without permission from Congress. This kills one of the "checks" Congress has over him.

congress has the power to declare war, the president commands the armed forces

Congress has the sole power of declaring war. The power was given by the Constitution. In 1973, Congress delegated some war powers to the President.

Their paychecks, and the help by health and insurance.

The Constitution's division of powers leaves the President with some exclusive powers as Commander-in-Chief, Congress with certain other exclusive powers, and a sort of "twilight zone" of concurrent powers. Congress also has the power to limit the powers of the President.The Constitution describes the powers of Congress more than those of the president because initially Congress was supposed to rule the country while the president didn't do much.

the congress can veto a law the president passed

There is a 3/4 rule that will let congress over power the presdent

The first example is how congress checks the President: congress has to approve his cabinet appointments, Supreme Court appointees, and treaties. The President checks congress by having veto power over bills that they have passed.

The powers of the President are limited by Congress through the Checks and Balances system. Congress approves the President's appointments, and can override a presidential veto.

What power does congress have over a president?

The congress can impeach supreme courts judges and executive officers such as the president. Also they can refuse to sign treaties and over ride vetos made by the president!

The President has the power to nominate or appoint a Supreme Court Justice. Congress has the power to confirm or deny the appointment.

Congress cannot compel the President to testify.

The powers that the Congress and the President share include declaring war and creating laws. They also share the power to veto.

The President can order the army into battle, butonly Congress can declare war.

Nothing I don't think. The Congress is protected by many Constitution Acts, the Congress does in my ways limit the presidents powers.A better answer:PThe president can veto a law passed by Congress

per the US Constitution, the President can recommend laws to be acted upon by the Congress, and he has the power to veto legislation made by the Congress that he disagrees with

The president of the United States has no legislative powers. He or she can suggest bills for Congress to consider, but the president does not make law.

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